This is the Disgusting Racism of the Left…

-By Warner Todd Huston

Some leftist creep has been having some fun at the expense of Andrew Breitbart’s grieving widow, Susan. Pretending to be Susie Breitbart on Twitter, this leftist has engaged in all sorts of racially charged, sexually explicit “jokes” claiming that this faux Susie is having sex with black men, Hispanic men, and happy that Andrew is dead.

I won’t repeat a single disgusting post made by this inhuman creep but if you want to see some of them check out Tony Katz’ piece at

As Tony says:

The true colors here are two-fold: The inherent racism ingrained in the perpetrator, and the depths of their depravity.

Leftist are liars. They are racists. They hate the United States. They are intemperate, cretinous, disgusting human beings that deserve to be shown for the creeps they are.

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