The Truth About Ron Sandack

From the campaign to elect Ron Sandack (81st House District)…

Four Days to Victory

We are in the final stretch. Early Voting ended on Thursday and we are four days from Election Day. With your help and support we have built great momentum and touched thousands of voters across the 81st House District.

In addition to the Newspapers, I am honored to have a wide array of advocacy and professional organizations such as the Illinois State Medical Association, Illinois Society of Advanced Practice Nursing Association, NRA, The Illinois Chamber of Commerce, ABATE, Illinois Realtors, Stand for Children, and Family PAC the to name a few. But the most important endorsement is that of friends and neighbors like yourselves (more here). Endorsements are informative and indicate to the voters that a candidate understands and has solutions to solve the important issues facing our community and state.

But the most important endorsement comes from the voters on Election Day.

The priorities are simple: cut spending, reform the pension system, repeal the income tax increase and restore fiscal sanity to state government. The solutions will take hard work, experience and a tough resolve… And as supporters, you know I am never one to shy away from speaking my mind and fighting for good public policy.

Facts Are Simple and Straightforward

Some of you may have received a mailer today with a myriad of lies about my record. We couldn’t be more appalled and disappointed in this recent turn of events. After months of evading questions from voters and the media alike and months of refusing to participate in the public debate of the issues that matter to all of us – jobs, pensions, the ethics of Springfield and the economy – our opponent makes a last ditch effort … and still gets it wrong. Whether intentional or accidental, this recent accusation is further evidence of the lack of attention to detail and tired political mud-slinging methods that demonstrate the need for bold, independent, conservative leadership in Springfield.

The facts are simple and straightforward; I represent management’s interests (the employers) for a small business pension fund. The other side of the table is represented by union trustees, who are Teamsters. I have never represented any Teamster local (or any union for that matter) and claims that I am a ”Teamster lawyer” are blatantly false. In fact, some might argue this service makes me eminently qualified to help our State address the pension issue – the number one challenge to financial solvency and economic recovery.

As stated by the Chicago Tribune in their endorsement last Friday; “Few public officials walk the walk like Republican Sen. Ron Sandack, of Downers Grove.”

I have — and always will — engage questions about his record. That is why I have earned so many endorsements from such a wide variety of folks, and the respect of many who both agree and disagree with me. I remain committed to engaging daily with those concerned about issues that affect all, not just some of us. If you have any questions about my record and campaign, just ask … or email … or call … or direct message in Facebook or Twitter (@Ron4Illinois).

Thank you for your continued support – hope to see you out and about this weekend – and please Vote for me Tuesday, March 20th!

About Ron Sandack:
Ron Sandack is the former Mayor of Downers Grove, appointed State Senator for the 21st District, and a partner at Gaido & Fintzen. He received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his Juris Doctor from DePaul University’s College of Law. Ron and his wife Kevan live in Downers Grove with their two children: Clare (14) and Jack (12). To learn more about Ron and his campaign, visit

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