Tea Party Leaders Steve Balich and Vivienne Porter Endorse Jim Falvey

From the campaign to elect Jim Falvey to the U.S. Congress (3rd District)…

LOCKPORT, IL – Two influential Tea Party leaders have thrown their support behind Jim Falvey for United States Congress. Steve Balich, Founder of the Will County Tea Party Alliance and Homer Township Clerk, and Vivienne Porter, Coordinator for the Will County Tea Party Alliance and conservative activist, both announced their support for Falvey today.

“Despite our country’s backbreaking debt, politicians in Washington continue to spend, and spend, and spend. They’ve put our children’s futures at risk by saddling them with the bill for our problems, and this fiscal irresponsibility has to end,” said Balich. “Jim Falvey is a true fiscal conservative who will lead the charge in Congress to balance our nation’s budget by cutting spending and increasing efficiency. He will work to reduce the size of the Federal Government and promote individual responsibility. That is why I’ve endorsed him for Congress.”

Porter explained her support for Falvey: “The thing I believe in most regarding Jim is his strategic capability to beat his well-funded, organized, incumbent opponent Congressman Lipinski. Democrats overreached last year with redistricting and have left him vulnerable, and we must take advantage of this opportunity to send big-spending, flip-flopping Dan Lipinski home for good and replace him with a true fiscal conservative.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of these two Tea Party leaders as well as the many other local conservatives who have pledged their support. These individuals have dedicated so much of their lives to the county they love and the principles they hold dear, so to stand next to them as we fight for our shared conservative principles is inspiring,” summarized Falvey.

Jim Falvey has received a number of endorsements in his run for Congress, including endorsements by WLS Radio Talk Show Host Dan Proft, the Lyons Township Republicans, Chicago Young Republican President Angel Garcia, and Lyons Township Republican Committeeman and former Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica.

About Jim Falvey:
Jim Falvey, of Western Springs, is an attorney and entrepreneur with a BA from Notre Dame, JD from Georgetown, and MBA from Northwestern. He currently serves as a Managing Director at Falvey Consulting, as an Adjunct Professor at Penn State University, and as an Advisory Board Member at CMDirect.


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