Quinn Rewards Cronies As Paying Bills Takes A Backseat

From the Albracht for Senate campaign…

WMBD News, Peoria, is reporting that Governor Quinn’s proposed budget includes thousands of dollars of pay raises for constitutional officers; department directors; cabinet positions; members of executive commissions and boards and legislators!

If passed, Quinn will see his salary jump $1,600 to $179,100.

Members of the Illinois Senate will receive an additional $620 each.

Illinois has an $8.5 billion backlog of unpaid bills and a budget that requires painful cuts. Does Governor Quinn or members of the General Assembly actually believe that this is the time to reward themselves with pay raises?

A spokeswoman for Quinn says the COLAs (Cost of Living Adjustments) are in the budget because of a law passed previously by the General Assembly to adjust for the standards of living.

In the past, the General Assembly has refused to fund the COLA.

At a time of financial crisis in the State of Illinois, the General Assembly should refuse this frivolous, unnecessary, unaffordable and ill-conceived pay hike. During these austere budget times, Illinois must learn to live within its means.

Bill Albracht – Candidate for the IL 36th Senate District This time I’m fighting for you.

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