Patlak: Sean Morrison Abuses Legal Process for Political Gain

From the office of Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Dan Patlak…

Cook County–Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady has already called on Sean Morrison to drop out of the race. With Morrison’s latest abuse of process, it is no wonder why.

Morrison has run a dishonest campaign from Day One. This is the last-ditch effort of a desperate, losing candidate.

Just to review, Morrison has refused to answer questions about mob connections to his Las Vegas “security” company, lied about having a college degree when he doesn’t, lied to the voters by saying he would lower property taxes when he knows the Board of Review can’t, refused to reply to the actresses he stiffed in his failed reality TV “skimpy bathing suit” fight show. And that’s just the start.

Worst of all, no one except Morrison and his secret donors know who is funding his campaign. Morrison uses a campaign finance loophole to funnel thousands to his false and deceptive ads.

Commissioner Dan Patlak stands by his March 7 statement on Morrison’s allegations:

“The charges are false. Mr. Morrison’s bid is increasingly desperate. Unsustainable allegations show his unfitness for office. If Morrison has real evidence he should take it to the proper authorities, not a TV program. The Tribune and Daily Herald endorsed Dan Patlak and noted Morrison’s unsubstantiated mud-slinging. NBC 5 Chicago is unfortunately giving a platform to this behavior.”

Commissioner-Cook County Board of Review (1st district)

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