Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Secret New York Trip, Transparency OFF The Agenda

-By Warner Todd Huston

Well, looks like the RahmFather isn’t going to be one of those mayors that gets all excited by that silly old transparency stuff. Fox Business Network revealed that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was in New York on a secret visit on Tuesday and this is the second secret trip that Mayor Emanuel has made on Chicago tax payers’s dime.

Emanuel ended up in Manhattan at a high-end restaurant named Sistina where he was seen hobnobbing with a retinue of his old buddies in the banking industry along with his chief economic adviser.

FBN’s Charlie Gasparino wonders if Rahm was in the Big Apple to raise cash for team Obama. After all, Rahm is still an active fund raiser for his former White House boss so it’s a good bet that he was wringing wallets dry for Barack “One Billion Dollar Campaign Fund” Obama.

Emanuel’s office, though claims the Mayor was in New York in order to bring new business back home. Yeah. He’s meeting with old friends established heavily in New York to convince them to drop the financial center of the country in order to come to the state with the worst business climate of all fifty? (Not to mention most corrupt city and worst in nearly every other category, too.)

Good luck with that.

This meeting was not disclosed on Emanuel’s public schedule despite that the taxpayers were the ones to foot the cost of Rahm’s trip. In February, Rahm took a secret trip to Washington DC it was claimed that he was having meetings about the G8/NATO summits. Chicago taxpayers were left holding the bag and in the dark that time, as well.

This isn’t the only transparency issue Rahm has. As Fran Spielman notes, Rahm’s new $1.7 billion “Infrastructure Trust” is basically set up so that taxpayers can’t find out anything about what goes on with the private companies (on a no low bid-basis, yet) involved in it. As Spielman has it, it is a set up where Emanuel is telling us all to just “trust me.”

When I hear that, why do I hear the typical Chicago Politician, harsh neighborhood accent and all, saying, “don’t youse worry about nuthin,’ pal. We got it all under control, see?”

I feel better already.

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