Manzullo Preaches in His Ad, Kinzinger Focuses on Future in His Ad

From the campaign to re-elect Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R, Illinois 16th District)…

Manzullo preaches “Do as I say, not as I do” in desperate attempt to ignore 20 year record of
earmarks, bailouts and spending projects

NEW LENOX, IL – Today, Don Manzullo released his latest misleading ad, choosing to continue down the slippery slope of personally attacking his opponent with TV ads full of misleading statements and half-truths.

As Congressman Kinzinger’s support and grassroots operation continues to grow, Manzullo is desperate to regain traction and has opted to release negative ad after negative ad, distorting Kinzinger’s record in hopes that voters will forget Manzullo’s decades of reckless spending.

Don Manzullo is finding it extremely difficult to run on his two decade record in Congress. Instead, he is resorting to distortion.

MYTH: Adam Kinzinger voted for Nancy Pelosi’s $15 million earmark.

FACT: Don Manzullo voted to create and fund this project nine times totaling $186 million dollars, including in 2011 the same year he is criticizing Adam Kinzinger.

This is a prime example of Don Manzullo trying to change his record now that he is facing a primary challenge. Don Manzullo is talking about funding to the Presidio Trust – an effort to turn a former military base into a national park.

Don Manzullo is criticizing Adam Kinzinger for a project that Don Manzullo voted to create in 1996 and voted to fund nine different times for a total cost of $186 million dollars, including $15 million of funding in 2011.*

*Source: Roll No. 507,10/3/00; Roll No. 393, 10/17/01; Roll No. 32, 2/13/03; Roll No. 595, 10/30/03; Roll No. 542, 11/20/04; Roll No. 450, 7/28/05; Roll No. 486, 9/26/06; Roll No. 1186, 12/19/07; Roll No. 268, 4/14/11.

Don Manzullo is confused. His record in Congress did not start in his 18th and 19th year in office. He can ignore his record, run from it or try to delete it, as he did with earmarks, but it is still his record – even if Don Manzullo isn’t proud of it anymore.

On the other hand, Kinzinger Focuses on Future in Latest Ad

NEW LENOX, IL – Today Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) launched his latest television commercial in the Republican Primary election. Kinzinger’s new ad stresses to voters the new path Congress must take in order to strengthen our economy for future generations.

In the ad, Kinzinger explains that we can no longer afford the decades of outrageous spending sprees supported by Kinzinger’s opponent, Don Manzullo. “Our future,” Kinzinger emphasizes, “MUST be better than the past.”

“2012 must be about our future, not our past,” said Kinzinger. “Our middle class is getting squeezed and too many manufacturing jobs have left during Don Manzullo’s 20 years in Congress. Don Manzullo supported outrageous spending like Obama’s Cash for Clunkers. My twin goals: Creating jobs by having fewer regulations and cutting federal spending, so I’ve opposed all earmarks.”

In each of Congressman Kinzinger’s television ads, Kinzinger talks directly about what he is fighting for, in addition to what he is fighting against in Washington. However, Don Manzullo has yet to air an ad speaking directly to the camera and talking about his record, accomplishments or goals. After 20 years in Congress, Don Manzullo’s record reflects earmarks, Cash for Clunkers and bailouts – a record that Manzullo is clearly not proud of and choosing to hide from.

Adam Kinzinger is a freshman serving in the United States Congress. He was sworn into Congress in January 2011 and was named to the Energy and Commerce Committee, the House Transition Team and is a Republican Deputy Whip. Kinzinger also serves in the Air National Guard, while in Congress, with the current rank of Captain.


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  • Well said! It’s about time. We Republicans criticize Obama for a revisionist memory: it’s obvious Don Manzullo has one also! Here’s the test of what is real — Rockford has a 12.6% average unemployment rate over the past 6 months. Mr. Manzullo calls himself “Mr Fix-It.” I, for one, haven’t seen a fix here. Then again, Don Manzullo doesn’t talk about it so maybe that’s his revisionism at work.

    Congressman Kinzinger and his fellow freshmen in Congress changed the language from spending, to cutting. Where was Don Manzullo’s strong voice for cutting in all of his many years in Congress? Silent of course—must have been busy drafting earmarks to spend more dollars. Congressman Kinzinger is a leader, not a follower. His role as Deputy Whip, as a member of the Transition Team, and as a rare freshman appointment to the Energy and Commerce Committee (a clear benefit for District 16), strike a startling comparison to the rather leaderless role his opponent has played over the past several years. Illinois AND the nation need Congressman Kinzinger’s energy, military knowledge, and demonstrated leadership in the 16th District.

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