Lake County Board: Tom Weber Campaign Announces Endorsements‏

From the campaign to elect Tom Weber to the Lake County Board…

March 13, 2012, Lake Villa, Illinois: Tom Weber candidate for Lake County Board District 3 is proud to announce his endorsements.

United States Congressman 8th District Joe Walsh

“I am endorsing Tom Weber for Lake County Board District 3 because Tom understands that, we the people know how to spend money better than the government does. In the time I have known Tom, I’ve found him to be a selfless leader, hard working and capable of making difficult decisions. He is the essence of what our forefathers had in mind when they set this great nation into motion. Please join me in supporting a lifelong Republican who will put his constituents first!Vote for Tom Weber!” Congressman Joe Walsh

Bob Churchill: State Representative 20 yrs ret. Robert served as Majority

Leader in the state House of Representatives.
“I have watched him grow as a community servant, and he has a great heart for people.” Robert Churchill

Penny Pullen: State Representative 16 yrs ret.

Patrick Dunham: Lindenhurst Village Trustee, Master Chief US Navy,

Commander VFW Post 4894
“I am supporting Tom since we agree on how to handle many of the issues facing the residents of our district,”
Patrick Dunham

Robert Reding: President Milburn District 24 School Board, Business owner, Scoutmaster

“I am embarrassed to admit that I didn’t pay much attention to the actions of the Lake County board until their decisions adversely affected my church, forest preserve, city, school district, and children’s future. We need someone who will really represent the interests of our community. Tom is a lifelong resident, Eagle Scout, parent, small businessman, and religious man. He will resolve Lake County issues by blending republican small government, low tax, and efficient government principles with firsthand knowledge gained from directly speaking with constituents. He will vote his conscience and constituents interests rather than vote to keep his job or to please those who appointed him to office.” Robert Reding

Jack Roeser

“Tom Weber is a class act and has my utmost respect. He is a fresh face and represents a new start for the Republican Party. Tom will make an outstanding representative for the people of his district.” Jack Roeser

Bruno Behrend

Lake County Life PAC

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