Illinois Conservatives Endorse Danielle Rowe for State Rep

From Illinois Conservatives…

The Illinois Conservatives announced their latest endorsement for the 2012 elections today: Danielle Rowe, tea party conservative Republican for the 52nd State Representative District. Danielle Rowe is a marketing executive, an unstoppable tea party activist, a key volunteer supporting the men and women in our armed forces and a respected conservative leader. The Illinois Conservatives believe Rowe has the background necessary to fight the political establishment in Springfield and help bring a revolution to Illinois.

We agree with the Rowe Roadmap: Illinois needs to repeal the Chicago Democrats’ tax increase, reform public sector pensions, reduce runaway spending and borrowing and restoring a climate friendly to small businesses. The Illinois Conservatives are impressed by Danielle Rowe’s leadership on public pension reform. Rowe announced she would refuse to accept her legislator’s pension if elected and her two opponents were forced to follow her lead. Danielle then announced she would propose a bill to eliminate legislators’ pensions completely, and again one of her opponents followed her lead.

“The Illinois Conservatives want to bring real change to Illinois. We need a tea party conservative in the General Assembly to do that, not another McCain Republican,” Illinois Conservatives Zach Oltmanns said. “We can no longer afford to listen to excuses about what is “possible’ in Illinois because of Chicago Democrat rule. We need to put the political establishment out of business, and Danielle Rowe is the best person in her race to do it.”
“Our leadership at Illinois Conservatives knows that getting Illinoisans back to work is very important. Danielle Rowe will fight for the reforms necessary to get Illinois moving in the right direction,” Oltmanns said. In addition to the real policy reforms Danielle can help enact, the Illinois Conservatives recognize the benefits of having a new, young conservative leader in office.

“One of the goals when we founded Illinois Conservatives in December 2008 was to energize young conservatives in Illinois. Danielle Rowe is a young conservative leader with great energy, courage and commitment to fiscal conservatism and reform,” Oltmanns said. “Danielle will help us in our mission to engage and mobilize young conservatives across the state.”

“We look forward to working together with Rowe to build the conservative movement in Illinois. We stand with Danielle Rowe,” Oltmanns said.

Receiving this endorsement will provide Danielle with support from Illinois Conservatives members. This support includes grassroots assistance, outreach to younger votes, and additional volunteers to augment her campaign, something that should prove valuable as we approach primary Election Day on Tuesday, March 20.

The Illinois Conservatives, a leading conservative grassroots organization in Illinois, believe in conservative ideologies and supports political candidates who share in those beliefs for the betterment of the State of Illinois.
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