Illinois Congressmen Roskam/Walsh/Hultgren on Feb. Jobs Report

Illinois Congressmen Peter Roskam, Joe Walsh (8th District), and Randy Hultgren (14th District) released statements on the Feb. jobs report. The Department of Labor reported that the unemployment rate remained stuck at 8.3 percent in February, while the economy added only 227,000 jobs.

Peter Roskam, 6th District

“It’s a positive development to see more Americans finding jobs, but economic growth is still nowhere near where it should be. Millions are still out of work and the Administration refuses to budge from the same failed policies of raising taxes on job creators, denying job-creating energy projects like Keystone XL while investing in failed taxpayer-funded boondoggles, and adding trillions more in debt that threatens future generations. It’s been over three years since the “stimulus” became law and national unemployment is still higher than the Administration promised it would ever get.

“House Republicans are working to stop Washington from stunting economic growth. The House passage yesterday of – and White House support for – the bipartisan JOBS Act to help small businesses launch and grow will help create jobs and boost the economy if put into law. Small businesses are the engine of the American economy and need Washington to get off their backs. I strongly urge the Senate to join House Republicans and the White House, and quickly take up this bipartisan job-creating legislation.”

Joe Walsh

“Two numbers. The first, $229 billion, is the amount added to the U.S. debt in the month of February, the single largest monthly deficit ever recorded in U.S. history.

“The second number, 8.3 percent, is the unemployment rate for the month of February– the thirty-seventh straight month our unemployment has been above 8 percent.

“President Obama and the Democrats are doing their best to say this election is about other things, like contraception and class warfare. What they are really doing is running away from these two numbers- $229 billion and 8.3 percent.

“This upcoming election is about putting Americans to work and saving their kids and grandkids from an unforgivable debt. $229 billion and 8.3 percent are two numbers we won’t forget.”

Randy Hultgren, 14th District

“While today’s report, anemic though it may be, is welcome news, far too many remain out of work,” said Hultgren. “The simple fact is that over one million Americans have lost their jobs since President Obama took office, and unemployment has been mired above 8 percent for 37 straight months. Moreover, our economic recovery remains fragile; high gas prices or events around the globe could undo the tentative progress of recent months. The President’s policies of higher taxes, reckless spending, and unending red tape also hinder our economy’s return to health. I hope that another month’s subpar job creation will finally inspire the President and Senate to work with the House to pass legislation supporting private sector job creation. Already, the House has passed 27 of these commonsense, bipartisan bills, all of which await Senate consideration.”


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    I'll give Joe Walsh 2 numbers: 780,000 and 3 million.

    780K: That's the number of jobs were losing per month when Obama took office.

    3 million: That the number of jobs that have been created in the last two years.

    Going from losing 780K jobs a month to gaining about 250K a month is not something that is done overnight. I am sorry if the democrats can't fix everything as fast as the republicans can ruin it. But finally the economy is starting to pick up and hopefully will continue which I think it will. I'm am predicting an average of 300K jobs a month this year that will move the unemployment down around 7.3%. As the momentum picks up it may be even more.

    Now I understand the republicans frustration. They have been saying that Obama is destroying the economy for years. When it is obvious that is not the case, now they are claiming it is not fast enough. Again, sorry. You made a big mess, it's not going to be fixed overnight.

    And now the debt. Know your history. In 1937, the GDP was growing and jobs were starting to come back. The republicans back then were calling on the democrats to cut spending. The democrats did and the country stopped growing and fell back farther. We can raise taxes modestly, which is something the republicans won't do, and find a few areas to cut a little spending, but it can't be anything huge. Get unemployment down to 6%, GDP up to 3-4% consistently and guess what? The deficit will be closed down quite a bit with only 400-500 billion left once the economy gets back to normal. Then we raise taxes 200 billion and cut spending 200 billion. The entitlements need to be examined and tweaked to fix the problems, not changed completely.

    Gas Prices:
    Bill O'Reiley said any president or candidate that says they can lower the price of gas is complete BS. -O'Reiley Factor 2008

    FACTS: We are producing more oil than 1/2009 and using less. that would mean supply is up and demand is down, so why are oil prices higher? Because oil prices are not based on supply and demand, they are based on supply and demand guesses about the future by speculators. We could drill everything we possibly could and it would take one decision by OPEC to slow down production and gas prices wouldn't move. It's not a long term or short term solution. We are producing 11% more oil than in 2009. Our foreign oil imports is down over 10% in that time period as well. Supply of oil in US declined over the 8 years of Bush and increased over the 3 years of Obama. Demand of oil increased over the 8 years of Bush, and decreased under Obama. We need to reign in the speculators and concentrate on higher fuel efficientcy in our vehicles. If fuel efficientcy averaged 40mpg, we would use 50% less oil. And guess what? we have vehicles that do even better than that. So don't blame it on Obama. Blame oil prices on the American people that drive the gas guzzelers that keep our demand higher than it should be. Gas prices wouldn't have to go down for people with vehicles that were 50mpg. Because the person filling up with a 50mpg car would pay half as much as the person filling up with a 25 mpg car. So that $4 at the station would be $2 for the person with 50mpg really.

    Don't let the congressmen fill your heads with misleading details. Bottom line: The economy is doing better and don't you find it ironic that they were so quick to give him credit for the job losses that were so high even before he took office, but now give him no credit for the jobs gains.

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