Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock Endorses Tom Smithburg

From the Tom Smithburg for 42nd Ward Committeeman…

CHICAGO, IL – Congressman Aaron Schock, the Deputy Republican Whip in the US House of Representatives, today announced his endorsement of Tom Smithburg for 42nd Ward Republican Committeeman.

“Few places in our country need the tried and true two-party system more than Chicago,” said Schock. “The checks and balances of the two-party system and conservative principles are exactly what Chicago, Illinois and the USA need to correct the massive deficiencies of our current government at all levels. What is at stake is too important to be bogged down by internal infighting. The time has come for a new beginning for the Republican Party in Chicago and the man to help us heal and move forward decisively is Tom Smithburg, whom I enthusiastically endorse. Ronald Reagan said a political party is not a social club, but rather people who share principles coming together acting to further those principles. Thus, the reason the Republican Party exists has nothing to do with personalities, but rather how can we best further the election of Republicans. Tom Smithburg’s election as 42nd Ward Committeeman will be a giant step towards refocusing our party in Chicago 100% on electing Republicans.”

“Congressman Schock has been an inspiration to many of us younger Republicans, showing us the importance of getting involved in the political process,” Smithburg said after receiving the endorsement. “It’s never been more important for my generation to step up and lead. Democrats at every level of government have binged so much at the public trough that they have spent all previous generations’ money and they’re now working on ours, so we had better speak out. I’m honored to receive the Congressman’s endorsement and look forward to working with him to bring a new day to the City of Chicago.”

Smithburg continues to receive endorsements by respected Illinois leaders in his race for 42nd Ward Republican Committeeman, including endorsements by Former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar, Former Illinois Governor Jim Thompson, Illinois Comptroller and Former Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka, Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady, State Senator and former Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Bill Brady, Former 42nd Ward Republican Committeeman Ron Gidwitz, Chicago Young Republicans President Angel Garcia, 42nd Ward Republican Organization President Christine Svenson, Illinois House Minority Leader Tom Cross, and Illinois College Republican Federation Chairman Mick Paskiewicz.

Once elected, Smithburg plans to work to unify the Republican Party, grow the 42nd Ward Republican Organization, and collaborate with other Republican committeeman and organizations to begin the process of putting forth a viable alternative in Chicago.

About Tom
Tom Smithburg is an Analyst at Shore Capital Partners in Chicago and resident of the 42nd Ward since 1995. Tom graduated from Northwestern University where he served as Vice-President of the student body. He interned at Empower America (now Freedom Works), has volunteered for numerous Republican campaigns, and is a proud Member of the Chicago Young Republicans and the Chicago Republican Women’s Network.

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