HHS Secretary Sebelius Claims with Straight Face Recent Drop in Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage Isn’t Due to Obamacare

From the office of Rep. Peter Roskam (R, Illinois 6th District)…

Transcript, Ways & Means Committee Hearing, 02/28/12:

Chief Deputy Whip Roskam: “How about when the president said you can keep your healthcare coverage if you like it. And yet, the reality is, according to Bloomberg at least, 9% fewer businesses are offering medical coverage than in 2010. There the rhetoric didn’t meet the reality, did it?

HHS Secretary Sebelius: “Well again, Congressman, what you’re seeing – It wouldn’t have mattered if we had passed the Affordable Care Act or not. The private market is in a death spiral.”


A Survey Found That Only 60 Percent Of Employers Offered Medical Coverage This Year, A 9 Percent Decrease From 2010. “Sixty percent of employers said they offered medical benefits this year, a decrease from 69 percent in 2010.” (Jeffrey Young, “Health-Benefit Costs Rise Most In Six Years,” Bloomberg, 9/27/11)

The Year the Democrats’ Health Overhaul Was Signed into Law, 5.1 Million Americans Lost Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage. (“National Health Spending Projects Through 2020: Economic Recovery And Reform Drive Faster Spending Growth,” Health Affairs, 07/28/11)

McKinsey Study Finds 30% of Employers Likely to Stop Offering Health Coverage Because of the Democrats’ Health Overhaul. “At least 30 percent of employers are likely to stop offering health insurance once provisions of the U.S. health care reform law kick in in 2014, according to a study by consultant McKinsey.” (“Many U.S. employers to drop health benefits: McKinsey,” Reuters, 06/07/11)

50% of Employers With “High Awareness” of Health Law Likely to Drop Coverage for Employees. “Among employers with a high awareness of the health reform law, the number likely to drop health coverage for workers rises to more than 50 percent, the report predicted.” (“Many U.S. employers to drop health benefits: McKinsey,” Reuters, 06/07/11)


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