DuPage Tea Party Endorses Debbie Boyle for 81st State Rep

From the campaign to elect Debbie Boyle to the Illinois House (81st District)…

Boyle Among the First Endorsements Made By DuPage Tea Party

Downers Grove, IL – Republican candidate for the 81st State Representative seat, Debbie Boyle, is pleased to receive the endorsement of the DuPage County Tea Party. Boyle is among the first endorsements made by the DuPage Tea Party, and has also been endorsed by the Downers Grove Township Republican Organization.

Claire Van Horn, organizer of the DuPage Tea Party, has been impressed with Boyle and believes that she is exactly the person the 81st district needs to help bring financial solvency back to Illinois. “The DuPage Tea Party is pleased to announce the decision to endorse Debbie Boyle as our choice for State Representative in the 81st district. The decision was made as a result of widespread fiscal irresponsibility that has plagued our state. Debbie is a true Conservative candidate who reflects fiscal values as well as other beliefs and values of the DuPage Tea Party such as the opposition to the Dream Act, Amazon Tax, and the Smart Grid. We encourage all voters to vote for Debbie Boyle,” states Van Horn.

Debbie Boyle is the only real conservative Republican candidate running for the 81st State Representative seat. She is the only candidate who truly believes in and will fight for revolutionary change in Springfield. Throughout her life, Boyle has proven herself to be a fighter, an advocate committed to fighting against special sets of rules for the political class.

Boyle’s conservative positions include her opposition to the DREAM Act – a scholarship program for the children of illegal immigrants; the Amazon Tax – the tax placed on goods sold online; and the Smart Grid – an initiative designed to spend taxpayer money to help generate revenue for Commonwealth Edison. These positions are reflective of the beliefs and values held by members of the DuPage Tea Party and in direct contrast to her opponent, who voted in favor of all three.

Boyle is honored to be recognized by the DuPage Tea Party as the only candidate in the 81st district that will fight for true fiscal reform: “As a life-long resident of Downers Grove, I am pleased to receive the endorsements of the local residents of our district. These are the people that have been directly affected by the destructive policies and severe lack of leadership we’ve seen from Springfield Democrats, and even some members of our own party. They know the needs of our district, and they recognize that I am the only candidate with the character, integrity, and resolve to fight for them.”

Among the endorsements Boyle has received are the Downers Grove Township Republican Organization, the Illinois Liberty PAC, and she has received strong support from the anti-tax watchdog group, Downers Grove Watch.


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