Don Manzullo's lost way...

From the campaign to re-elect Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R, Illinois 16th District)…

Kinzinger represents the future, not the past

Over the last 14 months, Congressman Adam Kinzinger has had the opportunity to serve as a conservative voice in Washington, sent by folks like you who are ready for a fresh break from the status quo and who stand with him and fight for the same core principles – ending runaway spending, restoring faith in our markets, and limiting the size and scope of our government.

In that short amount of time, Kiinzinger and his freshman class have shaken things up in Washington and changed the conversation from how much to spend to how much to cut. They’ve also banned earmarks and ended the same go-along get-along politics that have consumed Washington for far too long.

Congressman Manzullo was part of the old majority that lost its way on spending. Throughout his 20-year career in Washington, Don has:

  • Voted 12 times to raise the debt limit, increasing our debt by $5 trillion
  • Increased spending 60%
  • Was a king of earmarks; and
  • Voted for Obama’s Cash for Clunkers

The question is – What can Don Manzullo accomplish in the next two years that he couldn’t accomplish in the last 20?

Over the last few months Congressman Kinzinger has earned the backing from thousands of supporters all across the new 16th District who agree that Don Manzullo’s votes are out-of-step with an electorate who is looking for leaders who will stand up and fight to restore small government principles now, and for generations to come.

Rockford-area State Representative Dave Winters is among Kinzinger’s supporters who are voting for him because they believe this race is about the future, not the past.

Don Manzullo has spent too much and has lost his way in Congress. On March 20th, you have an opportunity to vote for those in Washington who are committed to following through on making the difficult decisions that you sent them there there to make – And, eliminating those who have opted to take the easy way out.

We must continue to make the bold but necessary budget cuts that will refuel our economy and leave future generations with the same opportunities many of us have been blessed with.

Please take 30 seconds to watch our new ad and then donate an hour of your time this weekend to help send a fresh, conservative voice back to Washington!

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