District Don's Rhetoric Doesn't Match D.C. Don's Votes in Congress

From the campaign to re-elect Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R, Illinois 16th District)…

Manzullo continues track record of blaming Kinzinger for Manzullo’s votes

After twenty years in Congress, Don Manzullo has gone to great lengths in his campaign to avoid discussing what is quite clearly the new third rail of 16th District politics – his own record. After taking a closer look at Manzullo’s record it is clear that D.C. Don’s votes don’t seem to match his 16th District rhetoric.

In true flip-flopper fashion, District Don is continuing down a slippery slope of blaming Kinzinger for D.C. Don’s own votes, further hiding Don’s record of decades of reckless spending.

Don Manzullo’s track record of flip flopping his votes depends on whether he has a re-election competition:

The “Attack” on Small Business

In his latest flip-flopping attack ad, District Don criticizes Kinzinger for a vote over the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) claiming it attacks small business. If District Don’s accusations are true then D.C. Don voted to fund the NLRB, totaling nearly $2 billion. Adam Kinzinger voted to cut the NLRB by 17% while Don Manzullo supported “attacking” small business for decades using his logic. Did Don Manzullo forget?

The Pelosi’s Earmarks

But – that’s not the only part of his D.C. record that Manzullo is running from. A few weeks ago, District Don put out an ad condemning Kinzinger for a Nancy Pelosi earmark that D.C. Don voted in favor of 9 times, which cost taxpayers $186 million. Did Don Manzullo forget his record again?

The Massive Spending

District Don continued to hide from his two decades as a Washington-insider earlier this week, in an exchangeThe Erased Earmarks

Prior to that, District Don went so far as to erase all mentions of earmarks from his governmental website – days after being questioned about them by the Kinzinger campaign.

Don Manzullo is confused. His record in Congress did not start in his 19th and 20th year in office. He can ignore his record, run from it or try to delete it, as he did with earmarks, but it is still his record – no matter how much District Don attempts to backtrack. After twenty years, it’s time to tell District Don that we aren’t buying his and D.C. Don’s hypocrisy any longer.


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