Danielle Rowe Won't Be Intimidated by Chicago-Style Bullying Tactics

From the Danielle Rowe for the State House campaign (52nd District)…

ISLAND LAKE – In the latest Chicago-style intimidation tactics used against tea party conservative Republican candidate for State Representative Danielle Rowe, Rowe’s billboards have disappeared from multiple locations throughout the district. The billboards were 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide, solidly constructed on sheets of plywood, pegged into steel poles, pounded down two feet into the ground, and valued between $1500 and $2000. They are not to be mistaken for paper signs on wire hangers commonly found on the side of the road.

A report has been filed with the Wauconda, Island Lake and North Barrington police departments. Rowe billboards were reported as stolen from Rand Road/Route 12 & Bonner Road in Wauconda, Roberts Road in Island Lake, and Route 59 & Route 22 in North Barrington. Wauconda small business owner Kevin Kennebeck had a billboard stolen from his private property. Kennebeck, the owner of Performance Paving, put up one billboard in Island Lake last Sunday and it was gone the next day. Another billboard went missing last Tuesday. When asked if he thought this was a planned and coordinated effort to remove the billboards Kennebeck responded, “Most definitely. They would have needed post pullers to take these billboards out.”

Republican leader Brent Smith was one of the many concerned citizens who alerted the campaign that Danielle Rowe’s billboards were missing. “In addition to being the Chairman of the Nunda Township Republican Party, I am a worker for many campaigns. I do police everybody’s Republican signs. I think it’s wrong.”

Danielle Rowe said, “I have run a positive campaign based around the issues that affect people’s lives. I am focused on taking our state back and someone else is focused on taking my signs. Local business owners and taxpayers who are working hard to build a thriving community have donated their time and money to support my campaign. To have the fruits of their labor taken away from them in this way is the sad part.”

Rowe is unfazed by these bullying tactics. “I am ready to fight the political establishment and represent people who work hard and play by the rules, only to fund a government that doesn’t,” Rowe said. “I will remain focused on repealing the Chicago Democrats’ tax increase, reforming public sector pensions, stopping runaway spending and borrowing and restoring a business climate that creates jobs.”

Rowe believes the best way for people to express their outrage over these tactics is to vote. “We need citizen legislators who will serve and represent the people in Springfield. We need to send a message that we have had enough of the political establishment,” Rowe said. “I encourage the people of the 52nd District to vote now at an early voting center through March 15 or come out to vote on Election Day, March 20. We need a revolution and we need to take our state back.”


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