Conservative Leader Dan Proft Endorses Jim Falvey for Congress

From the campaign to elect Jim Falvey to the U.S. Congress (3rd District)…

WESTERN SPRINGS, IL – Dan Proft, conservative leader and former Republican candidate for Governor, announced today his endorsement of Jim Falvey for the 3rd Congressional District.

“Republicans can win the 3rd District this year with the right candidate, and after in-depth discussions with Jim Falvey I believe he is that candidate,” said Proft of his endorsement. “Dan Lipinski has consistently voted to expand the size of government at the expense of economic opportunities for the families he was elected to represent. Jim Falvey understands that the problem in Washington is not that the federal government hasn’t done enough but rather that the federal government has attempted to do too much.”

Proft continued: “Because of Dan Lipinski’s support for taxing and borrowing and spending beyond our means, every American man, woman and child is now saddled with $75,000 of debt. Dan Lipinski has put his party affiliation ahead of the financial interests of 3rd district families. Jim Falvey will reverse Rep. Lipinski’s penchant for punishing productive people if given the chance to represent his community in Congress. I hope 3rd district families will give him a look.”

“Dan has been an outspoken conservative and a leader in the Republican Party for many years, so it’s an honor to have his endorsement and support. I look forward to working hard to earn the support of the many disillusioned current and former Republicans in the 3rd District who have been looking for independent conservative representation in Washington,” Falvey replied.

Once elected, Jim Falvey has pledged to work to support job creators in order to get Americans working again, limit the size and scope of government in order to promote individual responsibility, and reduce the federal debt so we do not saddle future generations with the bill for our problems. “I worked for Congressman Fred Upton during the Reagan Revolution, so it concerns me to see our country return to the failed, big government policies of Jimmy Carter,” summarized Falvey.

About Jim Falvey:
Jim Falvey, of Western Springs, is an attorney and entrepreneur with a BA from Notre Dame, JD from Georgetown, and MBA from Northwestern. He currently serves as a Managing Director at Falvey Consulting, as an Adjunct Professor at Penn State University, and as an Advisory Board Member at CMDirect.

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