Congressman Walsh: 'Was that a Debate?'

From the campaign to reelect Rep. Joe Walsh (R, Illinois 8th District)…

My potential opponents debated each other for the first time last night. Those voters who base their decision on literature, music and cinema are happy to now know Tammy and Raja’s favorite music group, the last movie they saw and the last book they read. Sadly, for the rest of us, many issues are still unclear.


It’s a simple yes or no question. Maybe if Tammy put Chris Matthews’ latest book down or stopped listening to Prince for five minutes, she could let us know her position.

The more I watch their primary unfold, the more I realize that the media and these candidates are not interested in a campaign focused on the issues.

Tammy avoided the question when I asked it, she’s continued to avoid the voters of the district and now she’s avoiding the media on what should be a very simple question: does she support President Obama’s FY2013 budget? She still hasn’t answered. Why won’t she? As the Daily Herald wrote in an article this morning, “the (Duckworth) campaign did not immediately answer, however, requests to clarify whether she backs Obama’s budget in full or in part.” This is a question she’ll have to answer if she wants this job. The people of the 8th District deserve better than this. To completely avoid the issue shows that Tammy is more concerned with what her handlers tell her than being honest and straightforward with the people of the district.

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