Chicago Young Republican President Angel Garcia Endorses Jim Falvey in 3rd Congressional District

From the campaign to elect Jim Falvey to the U.S. Congress (3rd District)…

CHICAGO, IL – Angel Garcia, President of the Chicago Young Republicans and former Chairman of the Cook County Republican National Hispanic Assembly, has endorsed Jim Falvey for the Republican nomination in the 3rd Congressional District.

Garcia explained his endorsement: “I know Jim Falvey to be of impeccable character. He’s a solid Republican, a true conservative, and an ethical man who gives Republicans the best chance of defeating the Chicago Machine in this race. Not only that, but with his background he brings a unique combination of private-sector and government experience and will be well-equipped to serve us in Congress.”

“Angel was one of several conservative and Republican leaders who initially encouraged me to run for this seat,” commented Falvey. “I’m thankful for his support and look forward to working with him to win the support of Republicans of every age and demographic, but especially Hispanics and younger voters who would react well to our message of fiscal conservatism if we have the right messenger. It is important that the Representative for the 3rd District provides a voice for every voter in this expansive and diverse district.”

Jim Falvey has received a number of endorsements in his run for Congress, including endorsements by conservative commentator Dan Proft, the Lyons Township Republicans, and Lyons Township Republican Committeeman and former Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica. Once elected, Falvey has pledged to work to support job creators in order to get Americans working again, limit the size and scope of government in order to promote individual responsibility, and reduce the federal debt so we do not saddle future generations with the bill for today’s problems.

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About Jim Falvey:
Jim Falvey, of Western Springs, is an attorney and entrepreneur with a BA from Notre Dame, JD from Georgetown, and MBA from Northwestern. He currently serves as a Managing Director at Falvey Consulting, as an Adjunct Professor at Penn State University, and as an Advisory Board Member at CMDirect.

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