Chicago Democrat Arrested for Bribery (In Other News, Water Is Wet)

-By Warner Todd Huston

Representative Derrick Smith, Democrat of Chicago’s West Side, was only just appointed to the 10th District State Rep. seat last year and now he’s already been arrested for accepting a bribe. You have to feel bad for the guy. He’s had barely a year to get his graft and bribes in! Cut down before he’s barely begun his grab for the brass ring. It’s all so unfair.

Smith was appointed to the 10th District seat after Annazette Collins was elevated from that seat to the State Senate last year. Smith is running for election to his seat in his own right and is faced in the primary by Tom Swift. Swift is interesting as he is the former director of the Cook County GOP but filed to run as a Democrat against Smith.

Smith is also a close ally of Illinois Treasury Secretary Jesse White as well as 27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett.

Swift immediately issued a statement upon the news:

“It’s a sad day in Illinois,” Swiss said. “I would call for Derrick Smith to both resign and not continue the race any further. This demonstrates a significant character flaw. I would call on [Speaker of the House] Mike Madigan to withdraw any support of him. He has weighed in with $50,000 or $60,000; staff members and mailings.”

Smith is being charged with accepting a 47,000 bribe in exchange for pushing to award a $50,000 state grant for what turned out to be a fictional day care center set up as a sting by the feds.

The U.S. Attorney issued a press release that details the whole affair which you can see at the McHenry County Blog.

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