Weber Response on Daily Herald Article

From the campaign to elect Tom Weber to the Lake County Board…

All the Republican candidates for Lake County Board in District 3 (Jim Newton, Jim Mitchell, and myself, Tom Weber, recently met with the Daily Herald staff. We discussed the “Millburn Strangler”, taxes, job creation, Winchester House, and other critical issues. I felt the recap of our meeting was fair but it overlooked many differences between us and it focused on political experience rather than relevant real world experience.

It is true that each of us has a varied background. Unlike Jim Newton, I have never experienced voting as a Democrat like he did in the 2008 Democrat presidential primary between Obama and Hillary or recently voting to increase the County Property Tax levy. Unlike Jim Mitchell, I have never run for President of the United States.

You see rather than being a spectator, my life experience has been dedicated to supporting my wife and children by starting my own business, creating jobs, and working with my fellow Republicans to make Lake County a great place to work and live. My votes will reflect my first hand experiences of the joy of creating jobs in our community and the sorrow when I have had to lay off employees when government implements policies that decimate free enterprise.

Our citizens are tired of voting for the people who got us into this mess, who don’t feel what the rest of us feel, and who don’t have any solutions to our problems. Let’s focus our discussion on issues and real life experience.

Tom Weber, Republican Candidate for County Board

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