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This week on Champion News Talk Radio, hosts Jack Roeser and Carol Parisi welcome Mary Vanek, a mother, a lawyer and a School District 15 taxpayer who led an amazing effort to stop a $27 Million slush fund bond at the expense of taxpayers! Listen this Sunday to hear how this was achieved.


Obama Releases 2013 Budget: The White House claims the plan for fiscal 2013 would create jobs in the short term through billions in stimulus spending while dealing with the deficit down the road. But the GOP says the budget would simply deepen the nation’s deficit crisis while burdening the economy with tax hikes.

Boehner’s Bailout: Highway to Hell: Last week, John Boehner’s spokesman, Brendan Buck, falsely asserted that the highway bill is “completely paid for –without raising the gas tax,” and will not engender further bailouts. The reality is that this bill will impel an immediate $40 billion bailout from the general fund, while relying on phantom offsets to pay for it over 10 years. Moreover, these offsets will never pass and will never come to fruition, while the deficit-producing bailout will occur immediately.

Obama’s War on Religious Liberty: Welcome to the real ObamaCare, whereby a handful of leftists in Washington, D.C., impose the views of their big-money donors on more than 300 million Americans. If the Obama mandate for contraception remains intact, then liberals will next demand that Americans pay for other objectionable items that are not really medical care.


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