The Real Sean Morrison

From the office of Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Dan Patlak…

Sean M. Morrison has spent most of his time talking about Commissioner Patlak. So we have decided to return the favor by spending some time talking about Mr. Morrison…

Iraq’s New War Zone: American vs. American

Jun 29, 2005 – But some contractors and their families contacted by are telling stories … a company he started as a sister firm to Morrison Security Corporation. …

Sloppy Business Practices

The above Fox News Channel story describes the operations of one of Sean Morrison’s businesses and the difficulties caused by their not following appropriate business practices in a war zone.

The Morrison business was thrown out of the Green Zone in Iraq for making rental payments to an individual who did not even own the property they were attempting to rent. Perhaps they should have hired an investigator before they made any payments.

In addition the Army indicates that the Morrison Company did not go through appropriate channels required to obtain contracts in Iraq.

Clearly the Army was fed up with Morrison’s, Blackwater employee and consequently they took away his guns. Imagine being a “defense” contractor and performing so poorly that the Army takes away your guns.

Finally the Morrison representative blamed a Lt Col for the problems they were having. This is a Morrison pattern, blame the employees at the entertainment company, blame the Army, and blame Dan Patlak so that he doesn’t have to discuss either lack of performance or lack of qualifications on his part.

Do we really need a war profiteer who gets his guns taken away as a candidate for Commissioner of the Board of Review?

Sean Morrison…for adults only

SeanMorrison Entertainment is a company financed by Cook County Board of Review candidate, Sean Morrison. Mr. Morrison’s money recently bankrolled a reality show featuring a former playboy employee as hostess and women wrestling in skimpy outfits. The show describes itself as featuring “Sexy women fighting” and describes the women participants as “Beautiful yet fierce women”. The “plot” of the series was the daily life of women fighting in an MMA fight league at night and living together during the day.

Production of the series is now up in the air because the participants are suing Mr. Morrison because he has failed to pay them. This litigation is still active. The name of the show is “Ultimate Women’s Challenge.” Click the image to see a description of the show which Sean Morrison produced. Find more information about Sean Morrison and the show on

Is this really the background of a candidate with “conservative” Republican values?

Republican voters, Republican Women’s Organizations and Young Republicans can decide if a Republican candidate should be involved in a business which clearly exploits women.

The real question is: Why do voters have to deal with this in a Republican candidate? Aren’t we the Party of values… of family… of respect for women?

What about it Mr. Morrison?

Visit to see more information about Sean Morrison’s dishonest campaign.

Commissioner-Cook County Board of Review (1st district)

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