Surges Responds to McConnaughay Claims

From the campaign to elect Karen McConnaughay to the State Senate (33rd District)…

Gilberts, IL – Cliff Surges, Republican candidate for the Illinois Senate in the 33rd district, recently pointed out a “cozy” relationship between Geneva Twp. Road Commissioner Mark Wissing and McConnaughay Properties.

The paid spokesman for the McConnaughay campaign reacted by making the false claim that the Surges campaign called Ms. McConnaughay’s mother-in-law a “criminal”.

“At no time did I or my campaign, allege any criminal activity, nor was Ms. McConnaughay’s mother-in-law even mentioned.” Cliff Surges says. “We simply pointed out yet another questionable political insider deal that has benefited from the ‘Karen McConnaughay Friends and Family’ plan.”

“What I hear loud and clear from the voters of this district as I walk door-to-door, is that they are sick and tired of the ‘politics as usual’ insider deals that benefit only the politically connected. Transparency is a word my opponent likes to use, but she does not seem to understand that with transparency, comes accountability. This is why the main focus of my campaign is the positive message of Restoring the Public Trust!”

“Ms. McConnaughay has been in office for 19 years, and in that time she has made some friends, and she has certainly made some enemies. Her detractors are her burden to bear, not mine. Perhaps if Ms. McConnaughay would have been as responsive to her constituents’ concerns as she is to our campaign, she would not be in the position of explaining over and over again why friends connected to her appear to benefit from her official actions.”

“We welcome the support of many people in this campaign and some who support me feel strongly about McConnaughay’s 19 years in office. They have every right to examine and question her conduct and policies while she was in office. Just as my opponent is happy to accept the endorsements of some, she must also accept the criticisms that come with her public record as well.”

“But there is one thing I would like to make clear. My campaign is about restoring the public trust, getting the State of Illinois to live within its means and improving education for our children. If voters want to change the direction of the State of Illinois, they need to change the people who represent them. Rewarding career politicians with a promotion is not a solution.”

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