Special Edition 5: Did Sean Morrison Tell The Truth?

From the office of Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Dan Patlak…

Citizens have a right to know the truth about the background and qualifications of candidates who present themselves for election.

So doesn’t Sean Morrison need to clear the air and tell us the truth?

At one Republican Organization endorsement meeting in Winnetka, Morrison answered a question about his educational qualifications by stating that he holds an Associates degree.

A few weeks later, at another Republican endorsement session he claimed he had earned an Associates degree from Moraine Valley Community College.

Lacking a resume or any summary of Mr. Morrison’s background, we contacted the Moraine Valley Community College. According to the registrar’s records, Sean Morrison did take a few courses at Moraine Valley, but never earned a degree.

Was Sean confused?

Did he perhaps attend another institution and merely forget where he graduated?

Or could it be that Mr. Morrison lied to both Republican organizations about an academic credential — just to earn an endorsement?

In any case Republican voters deserve to be told the truth.

Come on, Sean. Isn’t it time for some straight answers about your qualifications?

Visit http://seanmorrisonfactcheck.com to see more information about Sean Morrison’s dishonest campaign.

Commissioner-Cook County Board of Review (1st district)

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