Schaumburg Library Event: Andrew Palomo Speaks on America’s Financial Crisis

Are you concerned about the financial future of your family and of America? Are you convinced your children and grandchildren will have the same options for financial freedom? Anxious to learn more about what caused the financial crisis, and what options are available to Americans?

Andrew Palomo, former 8th District Congressional candidate and Certified Financial Expert, speaks on the financial crisis, what it portends for the future of America, and what our elected officials options are.

AWAKEN AMERICA- Schaumburg Chapter Event

Where: Schaumburg Public Library, Adult Classroom
When: Thursday, February 23, 6:30-9:00 pm

Format: Question and Answer

Event sponsored by Awaken America, an independent citizens group.

Carol Ann Parisi
Founder/Chairman-AWAKEN AMERICA!-The Great Awakening Group

Champion News Talk Radio Co-Host/Producer WIND AM 560 Sunday Mornings 8 AM

For more information call (847) 496-5400 or visit

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