Rowe: Governor Quinn, Look Up To Wisconsin

From the Danielle Rowe for the State House campaign (52nd District)…

ISLAND LAKE – Danielle Rowe, tea party conservative Republican candidate for State Representative in the 52nd District, has a budget solution for Governor Quinn that has already proven to work – the Wisconsin Model. “Wisconsin had their ‘rendezvous with reality’ last year. While the Chicago Democrats’ raised state taxes by 67%, Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch fought for revolutionary change and won,” Rowe said. “Wisconsin didn’t raise taxes. They cut spending, reformed & fully funded their public pension system, gave state employees more choice, more affordable healthcare and balanced their budget. The model is right there, all Governor Quinn needs to do is look up to Wisconsin.”

Governor Quinn called for miniscule spending cuts during his budget address in Springfield – $163 million in proposed cuts in an effort to reduce a debt that exceeds $8 billion. The Chicago Tribune points out, “There’s not enough money coming in while costs are rising. The quick math: The state expects to take in about $700 million more during the financial year that starts July 1. State worker pension costs alone will rise by more than $1 billion.” But the economic reality our state is now facing due to years of Chicago Democrat rule is no different than the reality Wisconsin faced.

Wisconsin Lt. Governor Kleefish said, “Illinois’ problem used to be ours. Not enough money coming in, costs rising. Now, because of Governor Walker, Wisconsin looks forward.”

Lt. Governor Kleefisch is standing with Danielle Rowe because she is the only candidate in the 52nd District race who can bring revolutionary change to Illinois. Kleefisch had this to say about Danielle Rowe, “Gov. Scott Walker and I, along with Republicans in the State Legislature, turned things around in Wisconsin by translating conservative grassroots principles into public policy. As a result, we’ve grown jobs, fully funded our state pensions and balanced our state budget without raising taxes. Danielle Rowe is exactly the type of conservative, grassroots leader Illinois needs in its General Assembly. My only fear is that Rowe will be so effective in Springfield she may drive Chicago Democrats north of the border to hide out in Wisconsin.”

“The voters in our district have a clear choice: I support the revolutionary change of Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch and my opponents do not,” Rowe said. “My opponents represent a reality that continues the status quo in Illinois. Now is the time for revolutionary change.”

Rowe said, “Governor Quinn and the political establishment in Illinois may just now be coming to terms with reality, but job creators, people who work hard and play by the rules and the nearly 10% of the population that are unemployed have been living it all along. It’s very real to us.”

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