Roman Refuses to Raise Taxes

Asks “Where is the leadership?”

Chrisman, IL (January 21, 2012)- Rob Roman, candidate for State Representative in the new 102nd District, is already making the tough decisions that need to be made in Illinois by making these same type of decisions in his local community where he currently serves as the elected Township Supervisor.

During the recent annual tax levy, Roman refused to increase taxes. “Our residents have already been affected by increased income taxes incurred by the State Legislature, high unemployment rates, and the higher cost of living that people must pay” stated Roman.

Roman went on to say, “Regardless of the State’s actions that have a negative impact on our local residents and local governments, we have an obligation to our local residents to maintain the service without unnecessary increases to their property taxes. I simply will not throw the burden back on the local taxpayer! Since taking office, we have maintained a balanced budget, and sometimes even a small surplus, and we expect to continue the tradition this year.”

Roman questions why so many local governments have been successful in balancing their budgets, while the state has failed miserably. “As local elected officials, we sometimes have to make tough decisions, and be able to justify them at the coffee shop the next day. Why can’t the people in Springfield make the tough decisions like we have to?” Roman asks. “You need to have the guts to make the right decisions and stand behind them. You can’t say you would vote against Legislative Scholarships, and then say that until it is put to a vote you will give them out anyway. If you are going to talk the talk, then walk the walk: be a leader. It may be a tough decision, but face the facts: 1)the program has been abused, and 2)Illinois is broke. We cannot afford to continue to spend money we don’t have,” Roman stated, referring to his opponent’s recent comments regarding the Legislative Scholarships.

“I share the frustration that so many other people in Illinois do. I am so tired of senseless legislation being introduced that will never amount to anything, but gets a legislator free press, as we the taxpayers get to pay for the whole circus. How about some real solutions? How about making the tough decisions like we have to make at home and in our local communities? We need true leaders now more than ever who bring real solutions to the table and are not afraid to stand up for the people of Illinois. Simply agreeing with the suggestions of others does not make a leader. I was trained to adapt and overcome, not to blindly follow what seems to be a popular idea. Certainly not to run away from adversity.” says Roman, a former US Marine.

Robert “Rob” Roman is a candidate for State Representative in the 102nd District of Illinois, which includes all or portions of Edgar, Vermilion, Champaign, Douglas, Macon, Moultrie, and Shelby Counties. Roman is a US Marine Corps veteran who has thirty years of experience in the energy industry, from brooms to the board room. Roman holds a BS and MBA degree obtained as an adult student. He currently is employed as the Vice President of Prairieland Energy, Inc. and Director of Resources in the Utilities Administration Department of the University of Illinois. Roman has also served as a police officer and firefighter, and was elected to the position of Township Supervisor.

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