Rockford Tea Party: Kinzinger is the Moderate to Liberal Choice

From the Rockford Tea Party…

RINO Adam Kinzinger would have been considered a Democrat 20-30 years ago. Yes his big spending policies would have easily placed him in the Democrat Party of 20 years ago. His big spending policy decisions make him the Kryptonite to the Tea Party. If elected to the 16th Congressional District, he will continue Big Government spending and policy choices. Do we want 20 years of Fiscal irresponsibility which will characterize Kinzinger? Do we want to move the remnants of the Republican Party further left, or do we want to put a halt to that leftward drift represented by Kinzinger and his handlers like RINO Congressman Aaron Schock. His policy choices and spending choices in just his first year in Congress easily make him fiscally liberal. He voted for the Continuing Resolution. He voted for the Debt limit increase. He didn’t lead. He followed.

Here is the big concern. Don Manzullo is in the twilight of his career, and thus he will most likely retire sooner rather than later. He has held the line for 20 years pretty well. Kinzinger is in the beginning of his career and potentially could remain for the next 20 years. We will clearly be worse off with Kinzinger’s vote in Congress on these fiscal matters. I can just hear Rush belting out the question to 10 million people after a few years of Kinzinger, “Whats wrong with the people of Illinois?” Kinzinger has a 63 percent Conservative rating from the Heritage Action Foundation. The Heritage Institute’s financial watchdogs. That puts him right in the mix with moderates and liberals in Congress. It doesn’t characterize a fiscal Conservative. Kinzinger absolutely does not represent Tea Party values which are a commitment to Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government and open pursuit of Economic Freedom.

In all of his literature and TV Commercials Kinzinger has not pointed to his fiscal victories, but to what he perceives are Manzullo’s spending failures. His voting and spending failures dwarf Manzullo’s. Kinzinger has had no fiscal victories. At least he has not shown them to us. Yes many of you are angry with Congressman Manzullo and want to see him out of office over the 2.9 billion dollar Cash for Clunkers “Clunker” vote. We were all angry with that, but Adam Kinzinger made 79 “clunker” votes that cost us 209 billion dollars for one year.

Earmarks? Earmarks? Kinzinger claims Manzullo is the Earmark king but voted for 209 billion dollars in spending often times defecting to the Democrat Party to vote with them on that spending. He voted with fringe elements of the Democrat Party like Nancy Pelosi, Jan Schakowsky, Jesse Jackson Jr. We’re not making this stuff up. It happened. Remember an Earmark brought back to our community is merely the money taken out of our wallets to be laundered by Washinton DC. If nobody is bringing that money to Rockford the money the Federal Government takes from us never comes back to us. The goal is to eliminate all Earmarks so that we keep our money and the Feds do not take it. Kinzinger plans to simply not bring that money back to us. Thus the Feds take it and never return it. Don’t let the buzz word Earmark fool you. It is actually fiscally responsible to get that money back to us if they are going to take it from us or to entirely eliminate all earmarks everywhere. That is the Manzullo position.

If you are angry with Manzullo for some of his votes then you should be furious with Kinzinger for voting to spend 209 billion dollars over and above what Manzullo voted to spend. Congressman Manzullo did make some mistakes, but in the trenches where it mattered, he voted to deny 209 billion dollars in additional spending for one year. Adam Kinzinger cost 209 billion dollars, and that’s not over 10 years. That’s one year of spending. He voted for 3 billion dollars in alternative energy subsidies which will continue far into the future for Kinzinger. Manzullo dropped his support for those failed policies. All across Europe they are deep sixing (eliminating) Wind Power and Solar Power because they have proven to be utter failures in the form Congressman Kinzinger is voting to foist upon We the People.

This writer has been a sharp critic of Don Manzullo, but upon seeing the record Kinzinger had amassed in Congress all concerns over Manzullo disappeared when faced with what it appears we will be getting. This is simply no joke. Do you want a few more years of Manzullo or 20 years of Kinzinger who will flash that winning smile while spending us into poverty? Some of you just want to see someone new in that office. Kinzinger is not the man for this job.

For those of you who do not know, the Daily Kos website is an ultra left wing website that espouses extreme rhetoric. They dubbed Kinzinger as a Moderate.

Kinzinger voted to pay for President Barack Obama’s appointees despite the fact that the appointments made were unconstitutionalCongressman Jessie Jackson Jr. to block an amendment to reduce spending by $22.2 billion dollars.

In his 2010 Victory speech how many times does the main stream media’s “Tea Party Congressman” thank the tea party, let alone mention the tea party. ZERO

Congressman Adam Kinzinger voted with none other than the liberal stalwart Congressman Bobby Rush, not with his congressional freshman class, and not with Congressman Don Manzullo to fund the National Labor Relations Board.

The truth is Congressman Kinzinger doesn’t vote with his freshman class, he just takes the credit for it. Congressman Jeff Flake (R-AZ) presented an amendment to cut $61.4 million dollars from the EPA’s STAR program. Kinzinger voted with Debbie Wasserman Schultz to fund this by voting against it.

Sadly, Congressman Adam Kinzinger did not stand with his freshman class and vote yes. Instead, he agreed with Debbie Wasserman Shultz and voted no. Congressman Don Manzullo did vote with the 2010 Tea Party freshman class by voting yes.

“I’m proud of the strong grassroots support our campaign has quickly received across the new 16th Congressional District,” said Kinzinger. “From Winnebago down to Iroquois and DeKalb over to Bureau, our campaign is fueled by constituents who are looking to change the way Congress does business.” But a review of his contributions puts most of the top 150 highest paying donor’s inside the city of Chicago and near Suburbs. This record was outlined in a previous email.

The Reed (R-NY) amendment to HR 1 was to reduce the Presidio Trust Fund, an original earmark requested by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (DCA), by $15 million. All but 10 Republicans voted yes to kill the earmark, but not the fiscally conservative FACTS ABOUT THE NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT

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