Rep. Walsh Takes Stand Against Contraceptive Mandate

From the office of Rep. Joe Walsh (R, Illinois 8th District)…

WASHINGTON- Congressman Joe Walsh (IL-8) released the following statement after the Obama Administration announcement yesterday that it would follow through with the proposed rule forcing U.S. employers—including those with religious affiliation—to provide free contraceptives to their employees.

Walsh stated: “This is a slap in the face of every U.S. employer and religious institution. The President seems to have forgotten that this country was founded on religious freedom. This decision goes against that and everything this country stands for.

“President Obama once again has bypassed Congress, continuing to move forward with this mandate even after the House passed the Protect Life Act to exempt religious institutions from providing free contraceptives. This mandate goes far beyond the constitutional limits on presidential power and forces religious institutions, specifically the Catholic Church, to go against their beliefs. This is just one more troubling aspect about Obamacare, it seems like every day we wake up we learn about another provision that was hidden in the legislation.

“I voted in favor of the Protect Life Act to stop the President from doing just this. Forcing religious organizations to provide birth control to their employees is un-American and unacceptable.”

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