Paul Pavlus Receives Endorsement from All Republican Township Organizations in 13th Judicial Subcircuit

From the campaign to elect Paul Pavlus judge, 13th Subcircuit…

Barrington, Hanover, Palatine, Schaumburg, & Wheeling Townships Select Pavlus for Circuit Court Judge

BARRINGTON, IL – Paul Pavlus, Republican candidate for Cook County Circuit Court Judge in the 13th Judicial Subcircuit, has received the official endorsement of all five Republican Township Organizations in the district.

“I am honored to have received the endorsement of the Barrington, Hanover, Palatine, Schaumburg, and Wheeling Township Republican Organizations,” stated Pavlus. “It’s clear our campaign has the momentum, and with these hard-working grassroots organizations as part of our team we are focused on working hard to win this race and put a Republican on the bench in Cook County.”

Aaron Del Mar, Palatine Township Republican Committeeman: “There was a clear distinction in this race, as only one candidate had the experience and temperament necessary to make an excellent Circuit Court Judge for the people of Palatine Township and Cook County. We have enthusiastically endorsed Paul Pavlus.”

Ryan Higgins, Schaumburg Township Republican Committeeman: “Paul Pavlus is a truly outstanding and highly qualified judicial candidate. He is an experienced prosecutor, an avid community volunteer, and a strong Republican who has provided leadership to local party organizations. It is my privilege, as both Township Committeeman and a practicing attorney, to convey our strong endorsement of Paul Pavlus.”

Gene Dawson, Barrington Township Republican Committeeman: “Paul Pavlus is an experienced public servant with an independent mind…he has a proven work ethic and impeccable integrity. Paul Pavlus is, without hesitation, my choice for Cook County Circuit Court Judge.”

Tim Schneider, Hanover Township Republican Committeeman: “When surveying the candidates in this race, I used three criteria to determine who was the most qualified for this position: experience, fairness, and thoughtfulness. Paul Pavlus stood head and shoulders above the other candidates in this race and I am proud to endorse him. We will work tirelessly to ensure he is elected.”

Ruth O’Connell, Wheeling Township Republican Committeeman: “After thoroughly researching and questioning each of the candidates in this race, our organization found Paul Pavlus to be the most qualified and the obvious choice for Circuit Court Judge. He has our full support and we will be working hard to ensure he is elected to serve on the bench.”

About Paul Pavlus:
Paul Pavlus is an Assistant State’s Attorney in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office living in Barrington, IL with his wife Laura and their two children. He is currently the Deputy Supervisor of the Domestic Violence Division, and has worked in the Felony Trial Division, Felony Review Unit, and First Municipal Misdemeanor Division. He is an experienced prosecutor, having prosecuted over 200 trials, a sought after speaker, and a recognized speaker on domestic violence.

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