Morrison Shames Patlak on Iraq, Latest Smear Campaign Lies

From the campaign for Morrison for Cook County Board of Review…

Cook County, Illinois, February 23, 2012 – Republican businessman Sean Morrison is issuing a one-time response to the smear campaign of his opponent incumbent tax commissioner Dan Patlak. Morrison says that Patlak’s smear campaign is a sign of “desperation” and will “say anything to get re-elected.”

Here is Mr. Morrison’s complete statement:

This extended letter is to address my opponent, tax commissioner Dan Patlak’s ongoing desperate smear campaign against me. To date, I have been accused by Patlak, his staffers, Ken Jocum and Israel Smith, and others in the Patlak campaign of no less than: being arrested for arson; being a super secret double agent Democratic operative collaborator; being a secret wartime profiteer; running a brothel; being in the adult film industry; operating front companies for the underworld; and the strange list goes on. Consequently, my attorneys are reviewing the statements and materials of Patlak and his staff for legal action.

In contrast, my strong criticisms of Mr. Patlak stem from how he has conducted himself as commissioner. He is hiding from the real issues of this campaign. He has resorted to slander, libel, and defamatory tactics so that he does not have to answer the serious questions about the $400,000 he has received from property tax attorneys and special interests or the electioneering investigation of him by the Cook County State’s Attorney, Inspector General, and the Cook County Board of Ethics. His dirty tactics reveal that he is no better than the machine Democrats he was elected to replace.

Let’s take tax commissioner Dan Patlak’s smears against me one by one:

My company’s work in Iraq: Tax commissioner Patlak and his paid hacks have also dared to question my company’s work in Iraq. Mr. Patlak is a bureaucrat; he knows absolutely nothing about Iraq and its dangerous conditions. The Fox News article Patlak forwarded in his email blast – was actually a positive piece about my company. He deliberately twisted the article for his campaign’s benefit.

Here are the facts: During Operation Iraqi Freedom, President Bush issued a call for help from U.S. security companies. My company, Morrison Security proudly answered that call. We didn’t need to – but we did. As part of our work in Iraq, my company facilitated twelve contracts for the Army Corp of Engineers and Department of Defense in addition to private security industries. This work involved rebuilding hospitals, and electric and water systems to name a few.

Most significantly, Morrison Security provided protection and escort for the canine explosives teams that needed to locate roadside bombs and other IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). We also provided security to Iraqi nationals who were deemed mission-critical to the U.S. intelligence-gathering efforts. But, again, I don’t expect bureaucrats to understand war.

There is no way to emphasize how dangerous this work is. More than 4,000 troops were killed and more than 17,000 U.S. troops were injured during Operation Iraqi Freedom and making casual statements about the war effort is an affront to the men and women who have put themselves in harms way in Iraq as well as to any right-minded conservative.

My bridge loan to a TV production: I never owned anything related to the company LHP Productions. Patlak is deliberately misstating the facts. It is another salacious smear from his campaign.

Here are the facts: I provided a bridge loan for what was a contracted ENI (Education and Information) 30 minute program for a NBC reality show based on tough female mixed martial artists. The theme: health & nutrition, charity and elimination competition. I also secured the intellectual property rights in the event the production company defaulted on the bridge loan, which they did. There were numerous investors in the program and the target viewer demographic for the show was for kids aged 13-17 years-old. Hardly controversial.

My business and personal record: It is unfortunate that the Illinois Review has also allowed one of its contributors Chris Robling to spread Mr. Patlak’s libelous personal attacks on me. Instead of posting my responses, IR has only allowed me to add a comment in the comments section and then the editors remove my comment.

Here are the facts: Mr. Robling’s piece in Tuesday’s Illinois Review was irrational, and filled with lies and innuendo. Strangely, both Patlak and Robling claim that I lied about my educational background. I do not need to do that. I’m a successful businessman. But Robling has lied before. In January, he wrote that I did not file my statement of economic interest and that I would be off the primary ballot. Instead, the Board of Elections scolded Dan Patlak and his attorney, Joe Morris, for filing a frivolous challenge to my petitions. I do not believe that Robling is a conservative, just a paid party hack.

Dan Patlak’s failure to answer serious questions: I believe tax commissioner Patlak’s desperate smears against my character are an effort to distract from the real issues of this campaign. He has failed to answer many questions, including:

– How can tax commissioner Patlak justify collecting over $400,000 from lawyers who practice before him at the Board of Review? Many of these same attorneys also contribute to Democrats.

-How can tax commissioner Patlak be a credible voice of reform when he receives checks in excess of $5,000 from property tax attorneys representing Chicago commercial properties while in session?

-How does tax commissioner Patlak represent conservative ethics and values when he is currently under investigation by the Cook County State’s attorney?

-How does tax commissioner Patlak explain the Fox Chicago and Cook County Inspector General’s investigation into his electioneering offenses that were caught multiple times on video tape while he was campaigning using taxpayer resources?

Tax commissioner Patlak should be answering these questions but he is not. I have said this before but I will say it again: The sole Republican member of the Board of Review should be an outspoken champion for reform in Cook County and should be an advocate for conservative values both in Cook County and in Springfield where legislation affecting suburban Cook County residents is crafted. If I am elected, I will be accountable. I will be that reformer. And I will work hard to champion conservative ideals.

Now, let’s get back to work for the people of Cook County.

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