Lennie Jarratt Responds to State of the State Address

From the Jarratt for Senate (31st District) campaign…

(Round Lake, IL – February 2, 2011) Lennie Jarratt responds to the State of the State Address.

It’s Groundhog day and we Illinoisans are reliving the same bad policies coming out of Springfield over and over again. We see the shadow of mounting debt; the shadow of back room deals; the shadow of job killing taxes and regulations; and the shadow of the of political elites helping themselves instead of the people.

Illinois lost more jobs than any other state in 2011. We are not “moving forward” as Gov Quinn stated, we are moving backward. We must reverse the Springfield tax hike of 2011 to stem the tide of businesses, jobs and families leaving our state. We must make Illinois a destination state for businesses to put Illinois citizens back to work.

Gov. Quinn is continuing the meeting behind closed doors to decide which facilities for people with mental disabilities and illnesses to close. I understand the needs of families with special needs because I have an autistic brother and know the kind of help and support these families need. We should never turn our backs on the weak and most vulnerable in our state.

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