Lake County Life PAC Endorses Steve Newton, Republican Candidate for Lake County Coroner

From Lake County Right to Life…

Grayslake, IL – Lake County Life PAC announces its endorsement of Steve Newton, the Republican candidate for Lake County Coroner in the March 20th Primary.

Lake County Life PAC looks at three factors in our decision to endorse candidates; 1) Their position on the Life issues. 2) Their voting record on the Life issues. 3) The strength and viability of their campaign.

Bonnie Quirke announced: “Lake County Life PAC is proud to announce our endorsement of Steve Newton as the Republican candidate for Lake County Coroner. Based on his strong stance on Life issues and his strength as a candidate, we believe that Steve Newton is uniquely qualified to serve as Lake County Coroner. We urge all pro-lifers in Lake County to give him their support and their vote.”

About Lake County Right to Life

Established in 1973 and headquartered in Grayslake, Lake County Right to Life is an educational and advocacy organization for the protection of innocent human life. The organization works in Lake County to promote the vision of a society in which all human life is respected, protected and secure. For more information, please call the Lake County Right to Life office at (847) 223-7022 or visit the website at

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