Jarratt for Senate: Pension Reform and the 2nd Amendment‏

From the Jarratt for Senate (31st District) campaign…

Common Sense Pension Reform

This week, I released my common sense pension reform plan. It can be summarized as follows:

No Pension issued under 20 years of service
Pension payout will be set on last 10 year salary average
Elected Officials will not earn a pension without 20 years of service
Elected will not be permitted to carry Elected official service in to a state Employee CMS position. The only way to use Elected Official service time is if they are leaving their Elected Position to serve as a Governors Appointee in a 4 year appointment
No Yearly pension will be more than the $75,000 pension cap, no matter the salary earned during service to the State of Illinois

You can view the full plan at http://www.lenniejarratt.com/issues/pension-reform/

2nd Amendment Fundraiser

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. As such, I wanted to have a unique fundraiser that combined politics and my passion for gun rights. The obvious answer was to have an evening of guns, food and prizes. Come join me in shooting or just to come see some unique guns. Confirmed so far is a Tommy gun (not automatic). I am waiting on confirmation, but it is very likely we will have a Red Jacket suppressed shotgun on hand as seen on the Discovery Channel show, Sons of Guns.

If you have never shot, you can come learn from several of our instructors, Michel Rioux, Rick Pere, and Connie Shanahan. Children are welcome and will be allowed to shoot, based on their age and maturity.

If you are a pro, bring your guns to show off and come shoot. You may also want to consider entering our shooting contest at the end of the night.

Please RSVP at http://2ndamendment.eventbrite.com/. Range times will fill fast!


I received more endorsements with more coming. These include Family PAC, Tax Accountability and multiple Tea Party groups and leaders around the state of IL. I am proud that these groups understand that I will be fighting for the taxpayers and businesses of this state instead of growing the size of government.

More at http://www.lenniejarratt.com/

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