Ill State Senate Race: Democrat Morrison Hasn't 'Thought About Taxes'?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Julie Morrison is running for the State Senate in Illinois’ 29th District. One has to wonder why she’s running, though. At least one has to wonder what she thinks the job entails as she’s been asked several times what her position on the state’s high tax rate is and several times she’s seemed confused by the question, ultimately admitting she has no position on taxes.

No position? In a state drowning in over spending, in a state with some of the highest taxes in the country, in a state losing businesses and jobs right and left and in a state that has been losing a taxpaying citizen every ten minutes for more than a decade… she doesn’t know?

What in the good Lord’s name does this woman think a state senator does?

This twit is running against Republican Arie Friedman. At least he seems to have a few ideas!

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