Ill. Senate Candidate Says Go Ahead, Marry Your Donkey

-By Warner Todd Huston

What I want to know is, who opened Tom Pluria’s barnyard door so he could make an ass out of himself?

At a recent GOP candidates forum, candidate Pluria who is running for the 51st State Senate District, decided that he’d tell attendees of the forum that if people want to marry their donkey, why, then it isn’t the state’s business.

Really? That’s where we want to go with the debate on marriage? Marrying barnyard animals?

Come on. This was just an idiotic thing to say. In fact, it tends to work against anyone that thinks gay marriage is OK. After all, the main argument that pro-traditional marriage advocates make is that allowing gay marriage necessarily devalues marriage and leads to the slippery slope of “marriage” to anything at all.

With Pluria saying marrying a donkey is something the state should have no say about, he ruins his argument that gay marriage should be OK. By noting that if we allow gay marriage, people would end up wanting to marry barnyard animals, well that pretty much proves those that stand against gay marriage to be right!

With lips this loose flapping without thought behind them, let’s hope this goofball does not make it to Springfield. We have enough of a zoo down there already.

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