Ill. Reps. Roskam, Kinzinger, and Walsh on Repeal of Obamacare CLASS Act

Illinois Representatives Peter Roskam (R, 6th District), Adam Kinzinger (R, 11th District), and Joe Walsh (R, 8th District) released statements on the repeal of the CLASS Act, a segment of Obamacare.

Roskam Statement on House Repealing the CLASS Act of the Democrats Healthcare Overhaul

WASHINGTON – Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-06) issued the following statement after the House repealed the CLASS Act, an unworkable component of Obamacare that the Administration dropped earlier this year because of its unfeasibility.

“The CLASS Act was just the kind of fantasy budgetary gimmick only dreamed up in Washington. This cornerstone program of the Democrats healthcare overhaul – supposedly a way to pay for Obamacare’s outrageous cost – is just one more broken promise that’s saddled the American taxpayer with more debt. From day one Republicans and the public said that the CLASS Act was an unworkable, unwise new entitlement – and Americans were proven right. Today’s repeal brings us one step closer to a full repeal of the Democrats’ healthcare overhaul.”

Rep. Walsh Stands Up Against Obamacare Votes to repeal unworkable CLASS program

WASHINGTON- Late today, Congressman Joe Walsh (IL-8) voted to repeal another section of Obamacare that even the Administration admits is a failure. This bill, which Congressman Walsh co-sponsored, repeals the CLASS Program, which would have saddled American tax payers with millions more in debt and done little to improve the healthcare system.

Walsh stated: “This is why you don’t pass something to find out what’s in it. We did find out what’s in it and it is completely unworkable. When you ram a program through Congress against the objections of the American people, this is what you get. Even the Obama Administration has admitted that the CLASS program is a complete failure. These sorts of spending levels are unsustainable and fancy accounting gimmicks cannot hide that.

“As the failure of the CLASS program proves, Obamacare is just another layer of regulations that is crushing America’s job creators. American small businesses are being strangled by too many burdensome taxes and regulations. We need to stop with big government policies and actually get the government out of the way so small businesses can create the American jobs we need to grow. Repealing the CLASS program is the first step.”

Kinzinger Applauds House Passage to Repeal another Part of Government-Run Health Care

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) issued the following statement after H.R. 1173, the Fiscal Responsibility and Retirement Security Act, passed the House with bipartisan support. Kinzinger originally worked on this legislation on the Energy and Commerce Committee to repeal part of President Obama’s government takeover of health care, known as the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Program.

“I’m pleased to see the House move forward on this important initiative to repeal the CLASS Act. Today’s passage of the Fiscal Responsibility and Retirement Security Act is another significant step toward rolling back a government takeover of health care which threatens job growth and creates major spending increases our nation simply can’t afford.

“In a classic ‘Washington knows best’ approach, the CLASS Act was another big-government healthcare program which, at the time it was passed, already had significant long-term sustainability concerns. We cannot stand by and leave the CLASS Act on the books, simply waiting for someone to revive this mistaken and misguided program, especially when the same Administration that created it has now abandoned it.

“I will continue to fight back against Washington’s central planning approach to healthcare. As a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, I’ve been working against numerous aspects of President Obama’s health care law, and the CLASS Act is among the significant problems included in this flawed government takeover of healthcare.”

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