Grabowski Tackles Falvey at the 10 Yard Line – IL 3rd Congressional District Race 2012

From the campaign to elect Richard Grabowski to Congress (#rd District)…

Hometown, IL, February 22, 2012

From the desk or Richard L. Grabowski – Conservative Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress in Illinois’ 3rd District:

I have some VERY important information to pass along to all voters in the 3rd Congressional District and leaders of our party. With the Republican Primary Election approaching soon on March 20th, 2012, and early voting right around the corner, I found this to be very disturbing as we’re coming down to the wire… but I caught it!!

Ronald Reagan famously espoused the ‘11th commandment’, “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican”. This rule though only applies to REAL REPUBLICANS! I’m the last guy to knock a fellow conservative Republican if he or she is an honest, worthy and respectable candidate, but it bothered me that Falvey kept mirroring my every point. He tried hard to make it seem as if there was no difference between us. But he is so wrong now!!!

I visited the Cook County Clerk’s office on Tuesday afternoon to review and obtain a certified voting record for one of my Primary Election opponents, Jim Falvey. The Cook County Clerk’s office has electronic voting records going back to 1994. This voting information exposes my opponent as a FRAUD! He is a Democrat in Republican clothing! This needs to be spread far and wide to every potential voter, very quickly.

Jim Falvey’s last 16 years of voting history – certified Cook County Clerk voting history:
2010 – no primary vote
2008 – Democrat ballot
2006 – Republican ballot
2004 – Democrat ballot
2002 – Democrat ballot
2000 – Democrat ballot
1998 – Democrat ballot
1996 – Republican ballot
1994 – Democrat ballot

Art Jones at least pulled one Republican primary ballot since 2005, with no Democrat tickets pulled at all. Jones has a better Republican voting record than Falvey!

I’m amazed that no one else caught this! I’m also concerned since he has received a few endorsements from a few conservative and Republican organizations recently, so many eyes will need to be opened so that no one else makes a false move!

If Falvey is not a Democrat plant on my ballot, then he’s a sad case for a crossover. He lives several blocks from Dan Lipinski, came out of left field and filed petitions on the last day of filing, with no township committeemen knowing of another candidate gathering signatures for the 3rd CD except for me. This is what started me off to find out why this just didn’t smell right. Hopefully voters will know of this sham in time to make an educated vote in the March 20th Primary Election.

Any help and support that you could provide in the Primary Election will help exponentially, financially or voluntarily.

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