Governor Quinn's State of the State: Danielle Rowe Pushes Back

From the Danielle Rowe for the State House campaign (52nd District)…

Island Lake, IL – During this week’s State of the State address, Governor Quinn pushed his message that “Illinois is Moving Forward,” but Danielle Rowe, the Illinois Tea Party endorsed candidate and only consistent conservative running for State Representative in the 52nd District, is pushing back.

Rowe recognizes the devastating affects Pat Quinn and Mike Madigan’s policies have had on the hardworking families of the 52nd District. “Illinois is not moving forward. Illinois residents and businesses are moving out. Governor Quinn was right was about one thing: “jobs follow brainpower”, which explains the migration of Illinoisans to Wisconsin and Indiana where real reforms and a healthy business climate are providing better opportunities for working families. They are investing in their people and growing their economy – that’s real leadership, that’s political courage and that’s moving forward.”

The Rowe Roadmap shows the real leadership and political courage needed to bring residents and businesses back to the state of Illinois. “My Roadmap is a common sense plan for the economic revitalization of our state. I will continue to work to repeal the Democrats’ tax increase, reform public sector pensions, reduce runaway state spending, and restore a business climate that respects entrepreneurs and brings jobs back to Illinois,” said Rowe.

Governor Quinn’s proposal of a tax credit of up to $100 for families with children doesn’t demonstrate real leadership, political courage or a grasp of basic mathematics. Rowe said, “Here in the 52nd District, the average family of four earns $75,000 per year. After last year’s tax increase the average family in our district pays $1340 more in taxes each year – with no guarantee the tax increase will sunset. I want to give the working families of the 52nd District a $1340 tax cut by repealing the Democrats’ tax increase.”

Meanwhile, Democrats in Illinois propose offloading unfunded pension obligations on to our local school districts. “I am appalled by the fact that Pat Quinn and Mike Madigan have failed to fund teachers’ pensions. The teachers lose, our children lose, the taxpayers lose, but the Democrats continue to stay in power in Springfield. We need to change that in 2012.”

Rowe is calling on Governor Quinn to partner with the people of Illinois to turn this state around. In his State of the State, Quinn said “we can make the will of the people the law of the land.” Unfortunately, Pat Quinn is governing against the will of the people. A recent poll by the Manhattan Institute and the Illinois Policy Institute shows 74% of the people of Illinois believe Pat Quinn has our state on the wrong track. Rowe said, ”Governor Quinn quoted Abraham Lincoln to tout his own accomplishments over the last 3 years. This Lincoln quote better describes how people feel: ‘Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better’.”

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