Former Senator Steve Rauschenberger Endorses Cliff Surges for Senate District 33

From the campaign of Cliff Surges for State Senate (33rd District)…

Cliff Surges, Senate candidate in the 33rd district, is honored to accept the endorsement of former Senator Steve Rauschenberger.

Rauschenberger served as a member of the Illinois Senate from 1993 to 2007 representing areas of Kane County. While Senator he was a member of a group of conservative Senators known for challenging the leadership and dubbed the “Fab Five”. He served as Chief Budget Negotiator and served on both the Environment and Energy Committee and the Appropriations Committee, as well as on various Commissions and Boards. Steve Rauschenberger is widely known for being a champion of reform and ethics in Kane County and the State of Illinois.

“In these tough times we need fresh leadership in Springfield and Cliff Surges is that leader!” Rauschenberger stated. “Cliff is a proven conservative leader, who will fight for the families and businesses of Illinois.”


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  • Proven conservative leader? No one has ever heard of this guy. He has never been active except for a couple years on a tiny village board.

    This guy's just a puppet for Rauschenberger and Lauzen and their mudslinging machine.

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