Dold Co-Sponsors the Homeless Children and Youth Act

From the office of Rep. Robert Dold (Ill., 10th District)…

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman Robert Dold (IL-10) is a co-sponsor of H.R. 32, the Homeless Children and Youth Act of 2011, which would rationalize and streamline the verification process for homeless youth who are seeking HUD Homeless Assistance eligibility.

“Last year alone, there were more than 42,800 homeless students in the state of Illinois,” said Dold. “It’s vitally important that we help these disadvantaged students receive the HUD Homeless Assistance to which they are statutorily and rightfully entitled. Right now, inconsistent regulations among different federal agencies and other bureaucratic inefficiencies prevent them from receiving these indisputably needed and deserved resources. By more efficiently and effectively connecting our homeless youth with HUD, these disadvantaged students will have access to emergency housing and other supportive services that will help them stabilize their living situations and ultimately help them succeed.”

During a December 2011 House Financial Services subcommittee hearing, several homeless students testified about the struggles that they encountered when trying to receive HUD homeless-youth assistance. These students included Chicago student Brandon Dunlap, who told his compelling story about growing up in Chicago as an unaccompanied homeless youth struggling to receive assistance.

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