Debbie Boyle for Illinois: Quinn’s Budget Address Offers No Real Reform At All

From the campaign to elect Debbie Boyle to the Illinois House (81st District)…

Boyle Calls For ‘Revolutionary’ Spending Cuts

Downers Grove, IL – Wednesday’s Budget address by Governor Quinn was nothing more than an exercise in futility. The address was peppered throughout with tired clichés and political double talk, and did nothing to address how we can repair the sinking ship we’re all on.

Deb Boyle, Republican candidate for State Representative in the 81st District, is appalled that this should come as a surprise to Springfield Democrats, “We’ve been on this path for quite some time now. And we’ve seen the rock protruding out, even as we steered right into it. And Governor Quinn claims that the reality that we were on a course to hit that rock somehow escaped him. Well I think we deserve more from our elected officials. We deserve leadership, responsibility, and accountability.”

Quinn’s budget address reveals either that his reality continues to be the status quo (with 2012-13 spending to exceed current fiscal year spending by up to $500 million), or that he has no answers to the fundamental questions clouding the state’s financial horizon. Despite claims that he is making painful but unavoidable cuts, along with trimming the Governor’s office operating costs by nine percent, the budget as proposed offers no signs of forward momentum toward recovery.

“The Governor’s idea of tightening the belt proposes a mere $163 million in spending cuts to address a debt that surpasses $8 billion. And he proposes do so at the expense of the safety of Illinois residents by shutting down prisons. However, if you recall just weeks ago, the Governor advocated spending taxpayer money on a high-speed rail from Chicago to St. Louis. I have to wonder where the Governor’s priorities lie, and why Republicans in the General Assembly have failed to hold his feet to the fire,” states Boyle.

“The 2011 tax hike was nothing more than a band-aid placed over a gaping hole; those new revenues were swallowed by unsustainable pension costs and Medicaid spending. It’s time we implement the types of revolutionary spending cuts that will help reduce our debt burden, restore Illinois’ credit rating, and bring jobs and families back to Illinois,” said Deb Boyle, candidate for State Representative in the 81st district.

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