Congressman Randy Hultgren endorses Senate Candidate Karen McConnaughay; praises efforts to help small business

From the campaign to elect Karen McConnaughay to the State Senate (33rd District)…

Says McConnaughay has experience and leadership skills to help turn Illinois economy around

St. Charles, IL—Recalling his experience as a county official and State Senator, Congressman Randy Hultgren (R-IL) today endorsed Karen McConnaughay in her bid for the Illinois State Senate because of the record of leadership she has built.

“Running a county is no easy task,” said Congressman Hultgren, who previously served on the DuPage County Board. “Karen has shown remarkable ability to lead and get the job done here in Kane County. More importantly, her skills will have a very positive impact in Springfield.”

Hultgren made his endorsement at a local small business where he and McConnaughay discussed state and federal initiatives to help ease the tax and regulatory burden that is slowing job creation in Illinois.

“The key to job creation is allowing entrepreneurs more freedom and flexibility to grow their businesses,” said McConnaughay. “In Illinois, our tax structure hits small businesses especially hard because we have raised corporate taxes and then turned around and given handouts to large companies with clout, leaving the tax burden on the shoulders of small firms.”

Hultgren and McConnaughay spoke at the UPS Store of St. Charles, a locally-owned franchise that employs 4 people. They were joined by the businesses’ owner, Mike Kenyon.

“When you add cost on top of cost to running a small business it makes it very hard to hire more people,” said Kenyon, who opened the store in 2005. “Hiring new people is a huge commitment and owners have to be very wary when taxes keep going up, and when workers compensation insurance and liability cost so much,” he added.

“People like Mike are the lifeblood of the economy,” said Hultgren. “He takes the risk in order to try to build something for himself and his family. And we owe him our help, not our hindrance in pursuing his goals.”

McConnaughay and Hultgren expressed their support for an immediate rollback of the 67% increase in the state corporate tax and state income tax. They urged further reforms of workers compensation rules to reduce to cost to employers and an end to huge taxpayer-funded handouts to large companies.

“If our tax and regulatory structures are driving big companies to look at other states the answer isn’t to bribe them with tax dollars to stay,” said McConnaughay. “The answer is to change our taxes and regulations.”

“I don’t have the ability to hire lobbyists and threaten the governor that I’m going to leave Illinois,” said Kenyon. “I’m stuck paying whatever tax rate they force on me. It just makes it harder and harder to grow my business and create new jobs.”

“Karen McConnaughay has shown she understands what government needs to do to create a stronger economy,” said Hultgren. “Karen has cut spending and headcount, improved the county’s bond rating through conservative fiscal policies and battled the public employee unions. That is exactly the record of leadership that will make a difference in Springfield,” he added.

The 33rd State Senate district includes northeastern Kane and southeastern McHenry Counties.

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