Boyle Calls Out Quinn’s Lack of Leadership On Serious Pension Reform

From the campaign to elect Debbie Boyle to the Illinois House (81st District)…

Downers Grove, IL – In his passing mention of the state’s pension crisis, Governor Quinn declared that “nothing is off the table” regarding pension reform, but his lack of leadership tells a different story. Just last spring, Quinn and his Democrat colleagues snubbed House Bill 149 (HB149), even as our unfunded pension liability exceeded $86 billion.

“We can’t begin to bring Illinois to a place where we can initiate significant changes to our failing pension system without bold leadership that will lead the charge through landmark fiscal reforms. That leadership is not coming from Governor Quinn or his Democrat colleagues in Springfield,” states Debbie Boyle, Republican candidate for State Representative in the 81st district. “The roadmap set forth in HB149 can still put us on a course toward fiscal viability, and Quinn’s panel should incorporate its essential elements if we are truly going to take pension reform seriously.”

In his address, Quinn, once again, failed to take responsibility for a crisis that’s been exasperated during his time in office and instead, deferred to a legislative working group facing a mid-April deadline to present lawmakers with a way forward.

Boyle understands what it takes to lead, and is ready to step up to the plate; “As a Clinical Manager/Coordinator at Loyola University Hospital, I understand what it takes to lead a team. Whether large or small, leadership is leadership, and it takes courage – a quality that our Governor is clearly lacking. He continues to promote policy agendas that are decimating our state.”

According to the Illinois Policy Institute, the state owes $45 billion in retirement benefits, and it has $17.2 billion in pension obligation bond payments outstanding. Even with the retirement benefits separated from the equation, the total unfunded pension obligations bubbling beneath the surface in Illinois is north of $104 billion.

“My record of fiscally conservative votes since I was elected onto the District 99 School Board shows a commitment to fiscal reforms that I will take with me to Springfield and spearhead true pension reform. The residents of the 81st district deserve this type of leadership,” states Boyle.

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