Albracht for Senate: DO NOT TAX OUR FIREARMS!

From the Albracht for Senate campaign…

Bill Albracht stands, unequivocally, against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s proposal to register and tax all firearms in the State of Illinois:

“Considering the condition of the State of Illinois and how business is conducted in Chicago, I must step back and consider the proposal of Mayor Emmanuel to register guns in the entire state.” Albracht said.

Mr. Albracht further states: “Our two State Representatives, one Republican and one Democrat from the 71st and 72nd Districts have come out foursquare against the proposal. As the Republican Candidate for the 36th Senatorial District, I too, stand against the proposal. Not only is it a back door money grab, it is a not so cleverly disguised attempt to disarm the citizens of this state. This has been a goal of the Chicago machine and the current occupant of the White House for quite some time. The Supreme Court overruled their effort to ban guns in Chicago so now they have conspired to tax people into disarming. On a much larger scale, this is a step (and usually the first) associated with establishing a totalitarian state”.

Illinois has 12.6 million people. The United States of America has more guns per capita than any nation on earth with 88.9 guns per 100 people.

“If half of the people in the state or 6.3 million people, own guns equal to the posted statistic of 88.9 per 100 people, that is a total of 5,600,000 guns. If each firearm is ‘registered’ for $65, that would generate $364,000,000. Continuing with the Mayor’s proposal, each gun must be re-registered every 5 years at $25 each. This would generate an additional $140,000,000 every 5 years. We are to believe that Emmanuel’s proposal is aimed at curbing violence when clearly it is meant to generate revenue and disarming our citizens.”

Continuing, Emmanuel claims that 56% of the gun deaths in Chicago are from weapons from outside of the city. “Perhaps”, said Albracht, “but that does not mean they are from downstate Illinois! Wisconsin and Indiana are contiguous to Illinois/Chicago and Iowa and Michigan are a relatively short drive. To make a quantum leap that the non-Chicago guns are from the downstate area is assuming facts that are not in evidence.”

Albracht stated that he does not believe that taxing legal gun owners in the State of Illinois is the solution to the crime problem in Chicago. Neither does he believe that Rahm Emmanuel believes that to be true.

“I do believe that Mr. Emmanuel sees an opportunity to enhance revenue for Chicago and do it on the back of a serious problem and at the expense of the good and law abiding people of the State of Illinois. This is just more business as usual in Chicago and Springfield. Keep in mind that Emmanuel was the heart and soul of the first two years of the Obama Administration. He is on record stating ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’. This is clearly an attempt to use a smoke screen to divert the public’s attention away from the fact that this is just another tax. And please, just how many of the targeted group of bad guys do you think will be registering their guns? Let’s call this for what it is, step one in disarming Illinois and making honest people pay for it. Chicago’s gun problem is Chicago’s problem. We do not accept Emmanuel’s premise, nor will we be taxed on a constitutional right. We stand firm: DO NOT TAX OUR FIREARMS! After all, it’s just Common Sense.”

I’m Bill Albracht, Illinois Senate Candidate for the 36th District and this time I’m fighting for you.

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