Surges Weighs in on Heavy McConnaughay Pay-to-Play Contributions

From the campaign of Cliff Surges for State Senate (33rd District)…

Gilberts, IL- Republican Senate candidate in the 33rd district, Cliff Surges, calls for a stop to pay-to-play politics in Illinois. There have been many allegations made recently, that McConnaughay, while in her current position as Kane County Chairman, received large donations from vendors, at least 80% of her total donations, who have significant contracts with the county. There has been no detailed accounting of these connections from the McConnaughay campaign. While the Surges campaign alleges no specific illegal activity by our opponent, with transparency comes accountability, and she must be held accountable for her conduct while serving in public office.

“My opponent has continued to declare that her campaign donations from companies and individuals that do business with Kane County is above board because she has no direct ‘vote’ on these contracts. This is laughable! Certainly even Ms. McConnaughay can concede that in her position as Chairman of the County, construction projects, development projects and county contracts do not happen without her oversight and ultimate approval. My opponent has, and continues to accept campaign contributions from individuals and companies that have or currently do business with Kane County.”

”It’s time to move forward into a new age of strong ethics instead of the same old ‘culture of cronyism’ that exists now”, Surges urged. “My opponent says she wants to take her experience from Kane County government to Springfield? We have enough pay-to-play politics there already, and the citizens of Illinois don’t need any more.”

“Illinois residents are tired of the behind-the-scenes tactics and back room deals that only continue to destroy the public’s trust in their elected officials” Surges said. “It’s time to stand for what is right. Come out and vote. Enough is enough!”

The people will decide how Illinois moves forward by voting on March 20th.

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