Still leaving Illinois: An Exodus of People and Money

For over a decade, Illinois has lost residents at a rate of 1 person every 10 minutes. When people leave, they take their purchasing power, entrepreneurial activity and taxable income with them. As residents flee the state, it makes Illinois’ economic, fiscal and employment woes, worse.

Recent data from the Internal Revenue Service shows that, in 2009, Illinois netted a loss of people to 43 states, including each of its neighbors – Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky and Iowa. Over the course of the entire year, the state saw a net of 40,000 people leave Illinois for another state.

The data reflects a continuation of a trend of out-migration from Illinois that has lasted more than a decade. Between 1995 and 2009, the state lost on a net basis more than 806,000 people to out-migration.

The Illinois Policy Institute has released a report on this troubling situation and offers a series of solutions that is a must read. Download the full report here.

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