SOTU Speech: Same Old, Same Old Obama Failure

If you thought the 2012 State of the Union was very similar to President Obama’s past State of the Union speeches, you were right…

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  • I actually watched it on TV instead of on some partisan site.

    Also, if his starting and ending with the military "can do" and "got it done" and "give credit to the team who got BinLaden" is the "Same Old, Same Old Obama Failure," we must have been watching different speeches, or your version went through Jimmy Kimmel's English to Chinese to Yiddish to Dutch to English translator. There were some things with which I did not agree, and he didn't mention the Keystone Pipeline, but I also observed that from various congresscreatures' dumbfounded expressions and inability to figure out when to stand up, the President stuck it to Congress--and both sides of the aisle--pretty good.

    So, maybe you can explain, in your own words, what supports the conclusion in the headline. Maybe also how Newt and Mitt sniping over each others finances isn't the "same old same old" Republican self-destruction and lack of alternative ideas.

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