So What About that Pre-Florida Republican Debate?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Instead of rehashing the whole January 26 Republican debate, I think it would be easier for me to post here all my Tweets from my live tweet of the debate. Some were fun, some serious and at the end I pass my judgment of how well the participants did. Below you’ll see my tweets, some with comments in parenthesis to put the tweet in context.

  • Aaaand here we go…

Opening Statements

  • I hear that Mitt Romney’s Super PAC said that Newt attacked the National Anthem in Reagan’s era!
  • (Rick says his mother lives in Florida) Uh oh, Rick’s Mommy is a carpetbagging snowbird. Now I cannot vote for him!
  • I’m Ron Paul… now GET OFFA MY LAWN YOU KIDS.
  • CNN’s first question:”Mr. Santorum, if you were a tree, what sort of tree would you be you racist creep?” OK, jess joking

Immigration Questions

  • (On the immigration ad about Romney) Didn’t Newt have that ad axed? Now he’s supporting it? Odd.
  • (Mitt’s Solution)It’s a little late to just “follow the law,” Mitt. We’ve already made a mess of that.
  • Mitt: “Our problem isn’t 11 million grandmothers.” Applause. That was a good one, Mitt!
  • (Questions back and forth between Newt and Mitt for quite some time) I think Santorum and Paul are now in the green room having a snack. Its the Mitt Newtny show!
  • (CNN goes to the Hispanic conference for a question) CNN gives Hispanics their own debate watching room? El separata but equalo?
  • Paul: “Cuba should be our buddies!” To heck with worrying over gulags and political prisoners. So last century, right Ronnie?
  • Does Ron Paul realize that supporting Castro in Miami is probably a bad political move?

Foreign Policy

  • Have to admit that Santorum is great on foreign policy!

Fannie-Freddie, and Candidate’s Riches

  • Romney gets a boo for mean commercial attacking Gingrich.
  • Mitt has been claiming he has no responsibility for his ads for so long now he doesn’t even know what’s in the ones HE authorized
  • Newt is shocked to find out HE invested in Freddie and Fannie, too.
  • Tiny mouses now in the national debate.
  • Santorum knocks ’em ALL for distractions.
  • (me getting fed up) OK, OK… Newt Mae and Mitt Mac… now let’s get to the REAL issues, shall we??
  • Wolf gets booed. (for continuing on the finances questions)
  • Mitt mounts an excellent defense of capitalism.
  • (Me getting tired of Wolf Blitzer) Blitzer: “OK let’s get off Mitt’s Money. Now Mr. Speaker, about Mitt’s money…”
  • I am pretty sure that Wolf Blitzer has MSNBC writers prompting him in his ear piece.

Blitzer asks about candidate’s health

  • Blitzer: “Mr. Paul, aren’t you about to die any second, you old coot?”
  • LOL, Paul threatens Wolf with age discrimination lawsuit!

Blitzer Asks about NASA

  • (Me mocking) Mitt Romney: “I’ll have space czars, and release a 58 -page report on NASA.”
  • (Me mocking) Ron Paul: “We need to pull our troops off the moon and maybe trade with it instead.”
  • (Me mocking) I think NASA already has a nice program to promote Islam on the moon, so we have that going for us.
  • (Me mocking) Shorter Mitt Romney: “I like firing people that want to go to the moon.”
  • (Me mocking) I think voters are against Obama because he doesn’t talk about the moon enough, ya know?

About Reagan…

  • Uh oh, Paul attacking Reagan again… just like he did in the 80s!


  • So far CNN wasted and hour on the moon and MitNewtney’s investments. Greeeeaaat debate, CNN.
  • I think I’d like a debate on the moon. Cuz, in space no one can hear you scream and stuff.


  • Santorum smacks Mitt on Romneycare!! Finally. Mitt’s biggest trouble spot.
  • Santorum cleans Mitt’s and Newt’s clock over Romneycare and mandates.
  • Mitt says Romneycare is working well in Mass??? Is he kidding?
  • Remember, folks, Romney’s adviser (Norm Coleman) said they won’t repeal Obamacare!!
  • Shorter Romney: I am not for mandated insurance, I just think everyone should be forced to buy insurance.
  • Mitt just said that Obamacare/Romneycare is nothing to get all excited over? Lordy this guy is going to lose.

Question: What Hispanic Would You Hire, Mr. Candidate?

  • Newt hints that he’d want Rubio as VP.
  • Fernando says you guys looook mahvolous.

Who is the Real Conservative?

  • Mitt: I didn’t get in to politics early in my life. I had my blind trust manager do that for me.
  • Mitt: But I greeeew in office. Really, I did. I conservative now. No, seriously.

Foreign Policy: On Using the Military and Palestine

  • (After Mitt said we wouldn’t invade anyone, I say) I am not a fan when politicians take military use off the table. Nothing should ever be off the table.
  • (And I continue) Different situations require different solutions and sometimes that means military action.
  • Good answer on Israel/Palestine by Romney, really.
  • Newt also hits the right notes on Israel/Palestine even after Wolf trying a gotcha question.

What About Puerto Rico?

  • Problem is, the PRican people keep voting statehood down.
  • (Me mocking) Blitzer: “Speaker Gingrich, didn’t you say you want to move Puerto Ricans to the moon with Fannie Mae funding?”

Wrapping up

  • Fantastic Santorum soliloquy on the Constitution.
  • I think Santorum has seemed the most presidential tonight, myself.
  • Not a bad answer from Mitt, really. A succinct case.
  • Oooo, Santorum calls Global Warming a hoax. The left will squeal at that one
  • Tonight’s count… Santorum: in command; Romney: baffled; Newt: embattled; Ron Paul… well, he’s Ron Paul.
  • The first hour was a waste of time, but the second better.


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